Part 2 of the Fake Ned Year End Awards. We call them “The Fisters.”  Several more this week, and then next week, we’ll finish up with the big ones – Best and Worst in Kansas City Sports Broadcasting.

Here’s this week’s round of Fisters… Open Wide…


I could only think of one nominee in this category, and.. “THATS RIGHT” – It’s Calvert’s Auto Center.  Gary has gone from someone I was concerned might be brain damaged, to someone I’d actually take my car to.


Hey! It's me changing the channel!

As good as Calvert’s is, that’s how bad our only nominee is for Worst Local Commercial. Do I really have to say it?

HAAY, IT’S JEN.  Not only will I never buy a car from Shawnee Mission Kia, but I don’t mention Shawnee Mission Kia in any podcasts or Fake Ned Minutes I’m on. I’m so sick of Shawnee Mission Kia Jenn that I want to drive down to Shawnee Mission and go to the Shawnee Mission Kia dealership and punch someone in the face.

Best KC Radio Host (General)

Next week, we’ll be giving out our big awards for Best and Worst Sports Radio Hosts – but this week, we reflect on the others who play Adele songs too often.


  • Adele overplaying jocks from Mix 93 aka @TonyLorino
  • Whoever is a DJ at 95.7 The Vibe
  • The Church of @LazloTheBuzz

FISTER Winner:

@Afentra and her Big Fat Morning Show @DannyBoi93 – Great use of twitter. Funny. Entertaining and I always walk away mourning for the brain cells I lost.


Lots of nominees for this one – we’re actually very lucky in this town. Here are your nominees for the best:

  • Ryan Lefebvre
  • Denny Matthews
  • Mike Kelly
  • Joel Goldberg


I never thought I’d offer a Fister to Hall of Famer, Len Dawson, but here I am. Even with the Chiefs having an absolutely shitty season, Leonard seems to broadcast color for the Fox Football Network with passion. Although it does seem like he needs to drink more during the broadcasts, because after almost every play, you can hear a groan or a mumbled “why the fuck did he do that?” He’s never at a loss to criticize the home team, and that makes for a great broadcaster.


  • Jeff Montgomery
  • Bob Davis
  • Joe Buck (I know he’s not local, but he’s just THAT bad.)

Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em!

FISTER WINNER: Mitch Holtus – He’s a homer. He’s a blatant homer. And he’s a blatant homer who has become a caricature of himself.

And with that you can PUT THE HAMMER DOWN on this edition of the Fake Ned Minute.

Tune in next week when we’ll have our final two Fake Ned Fisters. For Best and Worst Sports Talkers in Kansas City. You won’t want to miss it!

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