There’s been a lot of ugly in the Professional Sports scene the past several months.  Bounty-gate with the New Orleans Saints, the Sandusky scandal at Penn State and, possibly most ugly of all, the play of Luke Hochevar.

where to purchase antabuse Rambling Morons has obtained exclusive video of perhaps the ugliest sports scandal to date.

buy online Misoprostol 20 mcg Garth Brooks feels shame.

To set the scene, this reporter was asked to participate in a Media Flag Football game at the Kansas City Command Arena Football game May 5 at Sprint Center. Sprint Center has a long, rich history of class acts performing there.  Consider all of the pre-season NBA and NHL games, the non-conference Missouri, K-State and Kansas basketball contests and the consecutive concert sellout record for Garth Brooks among them.  However, what happened, or almost happened, may put shame to that rich tradition.

All “media” participants (and Tony Lorino) were preparing for their halftime bout in their shared locker room when Nick Wright, formerly of 610 Sports, became visibly upset at the presence of this media member.  I had to remind him that I do write a widely popular weekly column for the Platte County Landmark. One of the top two Platte County based newspapers.  The incident then turned ugly when Wright slammed money down on his changing area challenging his teammates to “cut out the legs, knees and heart of Fake Ned Yost.”  (Or words to that effect.)  The $13 bounty was partnered with a expletive laced tyrade about how Missouri doesn’t have any good strip clubs anymore.

The sad part is that this outburst happened in the same room as such media giants including Kris Ketz (KMBC), Miguel Ramirez (Univision), Steve Serrano (Mix93), Jay Binkley (WHB 810). And again, for some reason, Tony Lorino.  With such a collection of the Mt. Rushmore of Kansas City media, Wright’s decision to besmirch their honor in such a way is shameful. Garth Brooks would be ashamed that he brought such dishonor to the Sprint Center.

Regardless. Mostly due to my cat-like agility or Nick’s weak-ass moves, I was able to make it out of the game unscathed, although I was a bit winded.

EXCLUSIVE video of this incident is below.

My thanks to the KC Command for inviting me to the event and it is my hope that they will take greater care selecting participants with the same standards of fair play and sportsmanship in the future.

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3 Responses to EXCLUSIVE: Visibly Upset Nick Wright Offers Bounty On Fake Ned

  1. KC says:

    I wouldnt call that an outburst…geez.

    Overhype much?

  2. Kansas City Sports Fan says:

    Hey Nick……….I wish my daddy owned a bank. Mad bro?

  3. Easz88 says:

    I felt like I was on drugs there at the end… oh wait… nevermind.

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