Kansas City Baseball Historical Society & Royalman Report Announce New Radio Show
Date: May 1, 2012 Contact: Jeff Logan 913-961-0929

From the Kansas City Baseball Historical Society and the minds behind The Royalman Report Podcast, we are excited to announce a new radio show on Kansas City’s ESPN 1510. The Kansas City Baseball Vault will combine the old and the new of Kansas City Baseball. The show will run Thursday evenings from 6pm to 7pm on Thursdays.

“Just about anything can come out of the vault,” says Jeff Logan, the president of the KC Baseball Historical Society.  The show is expected to feature alumnus of the Kansas City Monarchs, Athletics, T-Bones and Royals as well as updates on the current state of Kansas City Baseball.

The show will be hosted by Logan, Chris Kamler, Troy Olsen, Michael Engel and Jeff Herr of the popular Royalman Report Podcast.  The RMR has been going strong for over a year and features weekly updates on the Royals as well as interviews with bloggers, players and front office personnel.  Their podcast has been featured on Fox 4, Sports Radio 810 as well as 610 Sports.

“This is really a dream come true,” said Troy Olsen, one of the founders of the Royalman Report. “When the KCBHS approached us with this opportunity, we jumped at the chance.”  Troy is a Royals “superfan” and the creator of the Royalman Report Podcast.

Michael Engel, the Senior Editor of the Royals blog, said “What a tremendous opportunity to bring the past and present of Kansas City Baseball to the sports fan.  There are so many exciting stories that will come out of the vault.”

Jeff Herr, blogger for and 610 Sports, said “I can’t wait. We’ve had just a great time with the podcast, this is a logical extension and we’ll be able to tell some really great stories.”

The show will be hosted by Chris Kamler, producer of the Royalman Report, is a columnist for the Platte County Landmark and is best known as “Fake Ned” on Twitter.  “We’re going to have a great weekly baseball show.  This town has a rich baseball history and we’re going to tell as many of those stories as we can. And to work with the resources of Union Broadcasting is really a dream come true.”

The show gets its start on ESPN 1510 Thursdays at 6pm and starts May 10.

For more information contact:
Jeff Logan, Host and KC Baseball Historical Society President
Chris Kamler, Host and Columnist for Platte County Landmark
Troy Olsen, Host
Twitter: @KCBaseballVault Facebook:

More Information available at

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