gen-casino-it I am a sucker for good ideas.


how to buy Neurontin online Look at that. Suits. Ties. Not a set of flip-flops to be seen.

Tesistán And we have  a lot of good ideas. Sliced bread. iPhones. Pornography.  All great ideas that have had their moment in the sun.  But those ideas do tend to get sucked down by the need to make a buck.

That’s why I like this idea so much.

Brett Parker, Royals fan, contacted a number of folks in the media with a request.  Let’s get people to dress up for a Royals game.  The idea was simple.  Baseball games used to be events of the time.  People would dress in suits and ties, women in sun dresses and they would attend the games as moments of occasion before and shortly after the World Wars.  I recall Bob Kendrick of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum talking about how black churches would alter the times for their Sunday Services depending on whether the Monarchs were in town, and folks would head to Municipal Stadium wearing their Sunday Best.


Fans would rush from Sunday services to attend the popular Kansas City Monarchs at Municipal Stadium.

Brett Parker and friend at last year's Dress to the Nines day.

Brett Parker and friend at last year’s Dress to the Nines day.

This was Brett’s request.  Let’s all dress up to go to a ballgame. Simple. Elegant.  There isn’t even anything tied to it, other than a good, clean idea.

The date – May 5, Sunday. 1:05.   Here’s what Brett would like to see:

Last year a couple buddies and I decided to celebrate Jackie Robinson Day by dressing as people did for baseball games in the 40s and specifically how Monarchs fans would walk straight from church to the stadium in their Sunday bests. In fact, many black churches in KC began their services an hour early to accommodate the baseball fans. We got a nice response from people last year and decided to see if we could grow it for this season. Next year, Bob Kendrick and I are talking about making it an official event for the museum and hopefully the Royals as well. In all honesty, we were really just hoping to get a bigger group of friends together this year, but I sought out a few twitter plugs from Kendrick, Sly James, and some media members and it has really taken off in the past couple of days.

So. Take a bath. Put on them clean underpants. Pop some tags if you have to. Dress up for a game, dammit. Look sharp.

If you do choose to dress up, they’d like you to join in a photograph at 12:45.  Check out Brett’s Twitter Feed for more information.

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