how to buy prednisone from canada Let me first off say this is not an MU/KU thing. So stop it.

Langsa Some folks on twitter notified me of this wonderful little exchange between Royals pitcher, Danny Duffy and @jayhawkerz1. Let’s first off mention that Danny Duffy has one of the more pure hearts in the game. He’s out there giving 110% every night on a team that struggles mightily.  There’s absolutely no reason to be a douche to Danny Duffy.  Sure, you can say that he doesn’t throw enough strikes or whatever, but being a dick to a guy for just going out there balling as well as he can is no reason to be a dick. Check out the exchange below (click to make bigger):

Hey, listen. We all put out a fair amount of hate about the Royals. I’m probably one of the Kings at it. But when I look at where I draw the line, it’s got to be somewhere before flaming hate toward the uber-nice, uber-Christian ballplayer shooting out an RT request for a crippled kid.  I know a few who might go there, but not many.

Our boy @jayhawkerz1 decided to throw his two cents in.

So here’s what we’re going to do. Shoot out a tweet that says something along the following:

But DON’T follow the asshole.  Don’t respond to his trolling. Shoot some flame his way. Hell, maybe even report him for spam. Checking out his timeline, this is one angry little 14 year old.

Again, not a Jayhawk thing. Pretty sure the Hawk Nation knows this is a bad look for them, just as Mizzou Nation knew all that NMT bullshit was embarrassing.

Give this clown enough of a reason to make him give up his twitter account.

Danny Duffy is what’s good about this team.  Win or lose, I’m on #TeamDuffy

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