Earlier today, I wrote about how to take out what is, arguably, best Sports Talk show in Kansas City, The Program with Soren Petro.

Holly Starr was never a radio host. I just really like this picture.

One suggestion I failed to make at that point was maybe it’s time to have a chick on the air here in the KC Sports Talk environment.

Is it time to have a woman’s voice back on local sports talk?

The list of female sports broadcasters in the history of KC radio is shorter than the lifespan of platter of ribs at Gates during a Jason Whitlock visit..

But to understand why that is, you need to look at one central figure in Kansas City Sports Radio. Jason Whitlock.

Whitlock had the last (and possibly only? Târgu Jiu **) female co-host in the voice of the Magnificent Megan (I can’t find her last name, I apologize) back in 2000 and 2001. As an avid listener of the 810 Morning Show back then, the show starred Whitlock and then Steven St. John and Megan were the second and third chairs.  On the air, the show was pretty strong though inconsistent, but off the air, the show had a toxic environment with Megan, who was extremely weak as a personality. Given the two strong personalities of Whitlock and St. John, and the locker room environment of Union Broadcasting back then, it was understandable that she rarely got a word in edgewise. And when she did, it was unintelligent and uniformed.

http://livebroadcast.com.au/?product_brand=matrox **Greg Hall also reminded me that Dani Boatwright, of Survivor fame, also briefly co-hosted on 810 around 2005. And Rhonda Moss was a beat reporter for 610 a couple years ago.

A brief recap was also in Greg’s column a few weeks ago.

Given that 610 is actively looking for a new show to replace Jim Rome (thanks to my free advice), perhaps it’s time, 10 years later, to try a woman on the air again.

Set... HIKE!!

The kicker would be, WHO?

The person you chose would need to have ALL of the right qualities to be the Jackie Robinson of KC Sports Talk for chicks.

Those qualities must include:

  • buy stromectol canada Brawn – it’s a sausage fest for 12 hours a day on these stations. You’ve gotta be able to play with the boys, but also hold your own and smack back when they get too obnoxious.
  • lithographically Brains – You need to have a take. And that take needs to be relevant. You don’t get a lot of perspective on local radio, unless it’s from a dude’s perspective. A softer take can be interesting, but it needs to be strong.  Just reporting on the WNBA once a week won’t cut it.  You’ve got to be able to go toe to toe on MU/KU or why Tyler Palko sucks ass.
  • Balls – You’ve got to be able to forward the level of debate. Don’t just bring a higher voice and tits to the show. You have to be able to mix it up with the other hosts and improve the level of debate. Plus, you’ve got to be able to argue, at times and defend your take.
  • Boobs – Sexuality could be an interesting hook for ratings. No, I’m not suggesting you flash your lady parts around, but certainly having a nod to your ability to go into a woman’s shower would certainly be something I’d listen to.

Is this the Jackie Robinson of KC Sports Talk for girls?

You’d need a cross between Afentra, Robin from How I Met Your Mother and Holly Starr.

Is there a chick out there that fits this mold?

Yep. Erin BaJackson from Metro Sports.

Turns out, she’s already weighed in on Sports Radio. And it appears that it’s too much of a frat party for her.  Check out an old Greg Hall column from 2009 (scroll down to 7/24/09)

Otherwise, we’re left with the Fabulous Sports Babe or a bobblehead blonde.

I’d challenge 610 or 810 to give it a try, but ONLY if you find the right girl.

4 Responses to Does KC Sports Talk Need a Chick?

  1. Easz88 says:

    So after everything is said and done, is the answer to this question then, “No!” or “Hell no!” or “Not in this lifetime”???

    I can’t say I know of a lot of women that talk sports, maybe other than @LaurieJenn and lets be honest, she doesn’t really talk all that much sports on Rambling Morons.

    However, at least I can give her props to counterbalance TFN and not always put up with his shit… well, sometimes.

  2. FakeNed says:

    I think it would add to the KC Sports Radio scene, but it’d have to be the perfect gal. One who has broad shoulders and can dish out whatever she takes. One tweet suggested @Trenni, who would be fantastic. Someone exactly like that.

  3. […] 9:00 – 11:00 – The Day Shift with Mark Carman and Robert Ford – This could be some bastardization of Parkins’ old slot where you’d put up and coming voices to serve as a breeding ground. Maybe even include former 810 employee Curtis Kitchen or you might add a former player such as Bill Maas or a Royal who doesn’t say “um, ya know” 400 times and it’d be like the old 9-11 show Crunch Time on WHB. You might even see a new female voice? […]

  4. Johnson says:

    KC definitely needs a chick sportscaster. An Erin Andrews type, and there is no better choice than Holly Starr. She is no longer on 38 the spot. Come on 810, pick her up! She’s the only reason to make us guys listen even more. Or better yet, a tv station needs to pick her up so we can look and listen. I’ve heard her before, she knows her sports. Dooo itttttt!!

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