buy Pregabalin uk This is a story about Twitter; Baseball and Athletes; Trolling and Trolls; and Children and Childishness. But mostly it’s about Twitter.

how to order a prednisone taper As has been documented by the Kansas City Royals, Danny Duffy, injured starting pitcher for the Royals deactivated his popular @dduffkc23 Twitter account late last night with the following tweet:

Only hours before, Duffy was joyfully tweeting about his Los Angeles Lakers who lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the playoffs.

Below is a spotty screenshot log of a conversation between Danny Duffy and a Twitter user named @ Aigáleo MyPeepsCallMeD.   As you can see below. The discussion seemed playful at times, and then just took a turn. (Click picture to view larger.)

Then something happened between last night and today for “Miss Danielle” to tweet out this…

The kneejerk reaction by Duffy was swift and massive. He hit the eject button.

Then, earlier today, the account for @MyPeepsCallMeD was put in a “Suspended” status.

The shame of it is, as Sam Mellinger mentioned on Twitter today, “Other athletes could take notes on how to Twitter for their own good.”  He was what we wanted from athletes on Twitter and could’ve quickly parlayed it into Twitter superstardom the likes of Chris Kluwe and Logan Morrison.  Duffy had proven his ability to know how to handle tricky Twitter users and haters.

But Icarus flew too close to the sun and an apparent threat of a lawsuit or harassment claim to the Royals was too much, so the wings melted and he fell from the sky.

In a way, it’s probably for the best. That kid needs to go get his Tommy John surgery next week, get healthy and get back to Kansas City, hopefully in the middle of a 2013 pennant chase.

However, it does remind fans of another time he hit the eject button in 2010 as Duffy left the Royals organization for a brief time. The correlation could also be made to another Royal who left the organization named Zack Greinke. Are the two separate issues, or is this now a pattern of how he handles adversity? What happens if he DOES come back in the middle of a pennant chase?

As it stands now, Duffy is gone from Twitter, he will have surgery next week. The world continues to spin on its axis.

But this twittercide leaves some wreckage in its wake, namely the fans who hopped on board the #BuryMeARoyal and #GodOverEverything bandwagon.  Duffy had preached those two hashtags frequently in his Twitter feed and he had gained an enermous amount of fans.

One of them was @LilFrenchy21, the popular 7 year old “Twitter Kid” who became embroiled in a Twitter argument with @MyPeepsCallMeD.  This void caused two Twitter worlds to collide. Worlds that really have no purpose intermingling.

And what of us who choose to continue to use Twitter? Is Duffy saying that by quitting he’s now elevating himself to “better than us” status?  He’s leaving us to wallow in our own filth?

You can likely chalk this up to a failure of Twitter.  That being that it ain’t Facebook.  Facebook has more controls over haters and, while there’s plenty of dissention – just read the Royals Facebook page to see an example of the wrong sperm that won – people don’t really understand Twitter. The hate can tend to sneak up on you if you’re not ready for it.  Your Mom is likely to understand Facebook.  Twitter might put her in the hospital.

I guess my point to all of this is that if you’re not ready for it, Twitter can be a calloused bitch – one that will bite you hard… in a bad way.  It seems through all his aggressive bluster, Duffy couldn’t handle it in the end. Which is a damn shame, because we wanted to root for a guy who was bulletproof.  Turns out, he was human, but not a human who was long for Twitter.

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56 Responses to Danny Duffy Quits Twitter

  1. Brandon says:

    I love Danny Duffy. He knew how to use twitter in a day and age where most famous people don’t.

    Having said that, his common sense failed him, and the man should have just hit the block button.

    NOW having said that?? Trollers and internet bullies who hide behind their keyboards and act as if they are God’s gift to the internet and “the voice of oppressed” Should all be taken out to pasture and shot. Between the eyes.

    Please God try and sue me for that comment too. I would LOVE it. Because we all know that it something I would actually do, go.. track down every pathetic internet troll, and place a well deserved slug between their eyes. If I had the time and money to do that, I might as well be Batman.

    Danny Duffy could have just hit BLOCK, but @MyPeepsCallMeD didn’t have to follow. They made that choice to follow HIM. You don’t like shit that offends you? So you take the most American route you can and threaten legal action? You’re a child. Someone obviously goes out of their way to harass and taunt a 7 year old AS WELL as a celebrity shouldn’t be given the privilege of using their brain, let alone social media.

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  3. Reed B. says:

    I fail to see how anything Duffy tweeted was grounds for a harassment lawsuit…or any lawsuit, for that matter.

  4. Truth Seeker says:

    The harassment was conducted by Royals Fans, I assume like the gentleman’s statement above (because of the third party harassment comment), no one has been threatened with a lawsuit, including this blog owner who was asked for information because he has very much misrepresented what happened. 90% of the story posted here is false. How could Duffy have taken down hi twitter page last night… but he took it down after comments she made yesterday after noon? The story makes no sense. Duffy posted normally on his twitter account yesterday until 3pm and so did MyPeepsCallMeD before he took down his account. Then Royals fans started ruthlessly harassing her and threatening her life. The owner of this blog has been contacted but the police department about this and can call Sgt. Williams is he’d like. This entire argument between them was blown out of proportion by Duffy’s fans after Duffy accused her of swearing at him (Kobe is shit), then later lied because the backlash of his posts were so great. MyPeepsCallMeD blocked Duffy but he kept needling the situation which you could have read on his page but he took it down, saying “What am I going to do without you.” and making lewd statements about her with another twitter follower.” D also had commented she was a 13 year season ticket holder and die hard Royals fan, she was also a Thunder fan and she felt it was unprofessional for him to bash on fans saying it was “rule number one.” Duffy responded with “So you give me a dollar and you think you can sear at me?” Throughout the night he kept tweeting about her, and she would joking respond about how she was “out with friends” and “why am I still being tweeted at?” The whole situation started when Duffy said something like the “Thunder fans should say things in front of the Laker army and see what would happen”, “If I don’t put hastag thunder up at the end of my tweets Thunder fans are going to come blow me up”, etc. MyPeepsCallMeD basically was saying that the playoffs were over, why are you taking this out on the fans who had nothing to do with it, that KU players were with the Thunder and it was a close knit community in the MidWest and we supported each other.

    As far as the 7 year old kid, the author has left out SEVERAL tweets…. first of them being that the “7 year old” initiated contact with MYPeepsCallMeD accusing her of forcing Duffy off of twitter because she said mean words. The only foul language said was “shit” and only once. In all fairness, she responded something like “this person think Duffy shut down his twitter page because I said ‘shit'” and him and his mother started attacking her.

    Duffy’s account was already off when she made the comments about harassment, which ANY of her followers would know is a joke… so she did not threaten him into taking down his twitter.

    Basically this entire article is false that’s why a the writer was contacted for his lawyers information… the writer was given information so that a lawyer could be contacted, then his friend made threats to her life on the blog and the blog owner has been contacted about threats made to her safety by the police department. I suggest he contacts the police department because threatening someones life is taking this too far….

    The comments you guys makes about D are completely ironic in that you are escalating this matter and lying about the situation, yet accusing her of being an internet troll when very little was exchanged from her to Duffy. Ultimately, you are your own worst enemy here and I don’t think any fan should take it this far… threatening the life of another on no factual grounds whatsoever.

    I hope she doesn’t see that I wrote this, but I followed the entire ordeal on twitter and the author has falsified MUCH of the information, including contact with him.

  5. Truth Seeker says:

    Also, all of the comments you posted from HIM were ones retweeted by her… which means it wasn’t playfully over the last 20 hours… they were comments over the last three weeks. Authors like this make me sick. You don’t have any idea what journalism or the truth is.

  6. Mutiny32 says:

    I think you’re completely oblivious to the fact that all of her and Duffy’s tweets are still on the Internet. Suspended or deleted accounts don’t get their tweets deleted on sites that archive tweets.

    Oh, and timestamps.

  7. ... says:

    haha I bet the person with the long comment on here is @MyPeepsCallMeD !!!!!

  8. Truth Seeker says:

    It was definitely 3pm… And before she discussed harassment, and no, I’m a friend of hers. She also posted all the of the screenshots (because she still has access to her twitter account and can log in) and posted them for everyone to see on her FB page, so now we know for SURE that this guy is a liar. This is the record that that tweet about shutting down his account was at 3pm NOT THE NIGHT BEFORE:

  9. Truth Seeker says:

    It even shows where he acknowledges he is trolling her, people telling him to stop sending tweets to her, the initial tweet he put her on blast for saying “Kobe is shit”, the comment about getting blown up, etc…. if you can see a record of HER tweets, which I doubt because you don’t know her, you’d know that the above statement I’ve made is entirely true.

    She doesn’t want anything to do with this site, the people that run it, or anything because of the threat made against her life, so no, she will not be responding to any of this or talking to the blog owner at any point in time.

  10. Truth Seeker says:

    That record also doesn’t show ANY tweets he made directly to someone else or started with an @TwitterHandle so all of those tweets have not been accounted for accept on her page.

  11. Mutiny32 says:

    Her twitter account wasn’t protected until after the whole ordeal and I’m not sure what you’re getting at. The author made it pretty clear that she talked about restraining orders shortly before he shut his account down.

    Oh, also, tell her that deleting tweets on twitter doesn’t delete them elsewhere. Even ON twitter.

    As for death threats in the timeline history…I don’t see anything remotely close to that, unless you count lilfrenchie’s mom telling her to back off and stop cursing and harassing her son. Which is probably why she got her ass suspended; targeting minors in attacks.

  12. Truth Seeker says:

    1) Her account was never protected.

    2) The TRO was brought up two hours AFTER he terminated his account.

    3) You cannot see all her tweets anywhere accept if you log on to her account.

    4) She never swore at a 7 year old. Even in the above tweets.

    5) They both contacted her first to demean her, so your harassment charge is out the window there.

    6) There’s a death threat in this thread.

    7) She got suspended for blocking too many people.

    8) You look like a fool.

  13. Truth Seeker says:

    Side note: Chris Kamler and Miss D have common friends in real life… I’m sure they appreciate him slandering her all over the internet but… She was just notified of this.

  14. Ty says:

    The above commenter sums up this entire article. Log off!

  15. Truth Seeker says:

    The blog owner has been asked by the police department to remove this blog because of threatening activity, I’m monitoring it for my friend’s safety, and have every right to correct your false statements against my friend. Maybe Chris shouldn’t have written the article… maybe he should have “logged off” and stayed out of other people’s business and not slandered a young woman and made up a vicious story about her.

  16. Ty says:

    Let me put this as eloquently as possible, for I am a man of class: You’re a stupid c*nt. You stand for everything that is wrong with people on the Internet and society in general. I hope you get AIDS and then your AIDS get cancer. That is not a death threat. Only God Himself can make that happen, and if actually existed, he most certainly would. Good day, and welcome to the Interwebz!

  17. Truth Seeker says:

    I suggest the blog owner contact Police Department via the email he has received before the Kansas City Police Department is notified. You have been sent an email to take down threatening comments, they have screen shots that link you to the individuals threatening and promoting such activity via twitter. These ARE threats to her safety and since you know of her whereabouts and personal information, this is serious and charges may be filed. Screen shots of all conversations are being made.

  18. Fake Ned says:

    He really is a man of class. I can confirm this is 100% accurate.

  19. Ty says:

    Sweet. Take this screenshot as well. I will most certainly be calling “your friend” (i.e. you) the Queen C*nt of C*nt Island on the next episode of Soundtrack of the Week (again, my audience is VERY sophisticated, and I must use a pretentious vocabulary to express myself). That’ll be Episode 93, btw. After the cops tell you to stop being a whiny bitch, make sure you mention the podcast when you attempt to take this to the media…who will also tell you to “skate into an AIDS tree.” I could us the pub. Good day.

  20. Brandon says:

    Someone needs to pitch this whole thing to DeadSpin. They will have it on Yahoo within the week

  21. Police says:

    This is the police department. Please STFU and stop calling us. K, thx.

  22. Fake Ned says:

    Listen. This has been fun, maybe even a little entertaining. But let me be clear about a couple things before someone really gets their feelings hurt here, or possibly worse.

    1) I am not threatening you. I do not intend to threaten you. The commenters on this blog are not threatening you. They are not threatening Danielle. I am not threatening Danielle. We’re all simply having a conversation. So if you can find a way to start from there, we can have a civil conversation.

    2) The article was pieced together from screenshots after a popular member of a baseball team that we all follow suddenly disappeared from twitter. The goal of the article was to seek out an explanation. I made assumptions. I made opinion. And I made a little snark. All of those are protected by the US Constitution under the Freedom of Speech section. No, really. I looked it up. To send e-mails to me threatening legal action or saying you’re from the Police makes you look like a child and really doesn’t improve your cause.

    3) There are WAY bigger problems in the world than what you did or didn’t say to a 7 year old on twitter. Be the bigger person and get over it. You’re going to save yourself a lot of trouble in your life if you can just let bygones be bygones. My personal opinion (again, just my personal opinion since you’re taking screenshots) is that maybe you wouldn’t come off as such a childish bitch and maybe the would would be just a small percentage nicer.

    Listen, I don’t know you. I don’t hate you. I don’t have any interest in seeing 18 e-mails in my inbox tomorrow about this. I just documented a story, filled it with as many facts as I possibly could find and then summarized it with opinion. I don’t think Danny Duffy is a good or bad person for quitting twitter. I don’t think you or Danielle or whoever is a good or bad person for getting your panties all in a bunch over this.

    But I just wanted to throw my two cents in before someone really got their feelings hurt. This whole thing makes you out to be childish, trite and scared. But I’m willing to overlook all of that and just chalk this up to a learning opportunity if you are. I can even be willing to bet that some of the other commenters on this page are willing to let you go away in peace. You’ve got a choice ahead of you. One with a couple of consequences. You can continue to threaten me and my blog readers with ill-advised and unsubstantiated legal action, or you can simply log off of the computer, sort out your twitter suspension and we won’t think anything less of you. Your choice. I’m willing to help with one and ready to fight the other.

    Your choice.


  23. Ty says:

    I agree with Chris 100%…except for the “won’t think anything less of you” part…generally, it takes years of therapy to not be the person she is. I hope for a speedy recovery and will buy the first round once she is deemed “fit for society” (unless the doctor bans alcohol consumption, in which case, ICE CREAM!). GOD BLESS THE INTERNET!

  24. Mutiny32 says:

    I think it’s amusing that this “Truth Seeker” person continued to post blatantly false information after I wasn’t actually making anything up.

  25. Truth Seeker says:

    None of the information was false, and she can prove it in a court of law, which she will do, since Chris has been contacted by the police department and chose not to follow their recommendations, and instead promoted the harassment and threats towards her, she went back to the police department to press criminal harassment charges and threatening behavior. I hope you call her Ty. Problem here is you all have made your names, phone numbers, places of employment, etc. available to the public which makes it easy for the police to contact you, while she has not. I’m sure that the police department, The Royals, and Twitter (all whom have been contacted) will be cooperative. No one likes to be connected with slander, libel, harassment and bullying. I wish you the best of luck. You honestly, shouldn’t have taken it so far Chris, they have print outs of all your activity now.

  26. Ty says:

    First of all, there is absolutely no slander going on. Slander is defamation of character in the spoken word. Second, libel is only valid when the statement “claims to be fact, and is not clearly identified as an opinion.” For example, publishing “@MyPeepsCallMeD blows unneutered dachshunds, and should be reported to PETA” is libelous because it’s false information (that we know of, but maybe she does…not the point) that is being reported as true. Sexy hosts of a podcast (Ty, not Chris) calling “D” a stupid c*nt is NOT libelous since it is a matter of opinion. The fact you are a grown adult taking some Internet shit talking to this level speaks volumes of your intelligence and emotional stability, so that is why I just gave you free legal advice. To save you time, the police and Royals will laugh in your face when presented with this “bombshell” case. I’d call Bender and Bender…the guy wears a cool Indiana Jones hat in his commercials.

  27. Truth Seeker says:

    Actually, there is libel and defamation of character in this article. She already consulted with two attorneys that represent athletes and are very well known, because as she said before, she has worked in MLB… So she can easily find out what she can do. 🙂 Feel free her and clear that up Ty… But it IS still harassment.

  28. Truth Seeker says:

    Where your idiocy lies is where you don’t know what happened, so you don’t KNOW there is libel in this article. Think on that.

  29. Truth Seeker says:

    As far as emotional stability, she has been nothing but polite to the blog owner and has nicely asked him to remove the blog, provide lawyers information BEFORE he promoted a friend threatening her life, at which point the police contacted him… She has not responded to this or been nasty or called anyone names, because she knows better. You guys and your group of friends have defamed her, demeaned her, have promoted.harassing her, etc… Not even I have reduced my self to your level of swearing and behavior, which speaks much more about all of you than me or her. I’m sure anyone she shows this to, will see that.

  30. Ty says:

    Again, defamation of character only occurs when the information is being provided as fact rather than opinion. If people talking shit on the Internet was grounds for a libel case, the courts would come to a grinding halt with an avalanche of cases. I am going to have a field day with this in a few hours when I talk about this on my show. For that I thank you because I was out of topics to discuss. Feel free to call in at 816-399-3995 to discuss if you want. Let me know if you do, so I can set up the hotline. We can have a lovely discussion with tea an crumpets.

  31. Truth Seeker says:

    There are things stated as fact in this article about her and what happened that are lies. Feel free to call her if you’d like. We’d love to hear your show, because that would further the harassment suit…

  32. Truth Seeker says:

    You’ve got her number, right Ty?

  33. Truth Seeker says:

    Because she can’t call you…

  34. Ty says:

    Yeah, I’m in contact with her right now via Twitter (ironically).

  35. Truth Seeker says:

    Probably her roommate.

  36. Fake Ned says:

    Who wants to get together and pitch this reality show to the CW?

  37. Truth Seeker says:

    It’s your life and friends, so you should do it.

  38. Mutiny32 says:

    Don’t. Please. I don’t want to be more utterly annoyed with you than I already am. And I’m already upset with your completely stupid statements about talking to lawyers about trying to censor a person’s freedom of speech and the freedom of press. I simply don’t take the utter crap you are threatening lightly. Tell Miss G to accept that she isn’t infallible and even she makes mistakes.

  39. Truth Seeker says:

    Who’s Miss G? He promoted her harassment after being contacted by the police to stop and the article is a bold faced lie… As you’re a liar, so sorry you have to look yourselves in the mirror. You people are abusive and mean.

  40. Fake Ned says:

    You get that sending an e-mail from your own e-mail address and saying that it’s from the Police department doesn’t make it from the police right? I COULD say this blog is coming from the surface of the moon, and you’d immedidately recognize that it’s not from the moon. Right? Or would you?

    I’m guessing the real police (the actual ones, not the ones on TV, or the ones from addresses) might be interested in hearing there ARE people posing as police officers on the internet, right?

    Oh. And I was dead serious about being on the moon. It. Is. AWESOME.


  41. Bolivar Shagnasty says:

    Truth Seeker, you do know that libel, slander and defamation are all civil matters, right? It would be very unusual to find a real police department anywhere who would be willing to pursue statements made through any social media outlet unless they identified a credible, actionable threat of criminal injury or activity. Otherwise most any police department will tell you “it’s a civil matter, contact an attorney”.

    Somewhere along the line a restraining order was also mentioned. A TRO is a vehicle to be used at a judge’s discretion when waiting for the normal course of civil process would create significant harm or damage. The burden of proof of that imminent harm lies with the petitioner. Once again it would be highly unusual for any judge to consider comments made on Twitter or a blog to rise to the level of issuing a TRO until the merits of the matter have been evaluated through due process.

    This thread highlights one of the problems with social media. You never really know who is behind the avatar. People who blithely throw around legal threats without having the slightest idea of how the process works really show their legitimacy.

  42. Fake Ned says:

    For clarity of this timeline, listen to the interview of the girl Duffy argued with @MyPeepsCallMeD with the guys and gal from Soundtrack of the Week, here:

  43. Truth Seeker says:

    She just called me and I’m not allowed to post on her behalf or anything anymore, so you’d have to contact her from this point forward.

  44. Hater of Moore says:

    Truth Seeker is a whiny bitch.

  45. JC says:

    7) She got suspended for blocking too many people.

    Finding that difficult to believe. As many bot/porn crap as most have blocked, we would ALL be suspended.

  46. @Easz88 says:

    Congrats to Fake Ned – this is the largest commented on blog post you’ve had so far… and I must say… it’s a good one!

    Damn me for missing out on twitter this weekend 🙁

    #FuckStupidity #BuryMeARoyal

  47. I hope she never uses the internet again. She screwed us out of the only good thing about the Royals this whole year, Danny Duffy’s twitter. Eff this B. Eff her in her stupid face.

  48. Truth Seeker says:

    For the Record, Ty… She knows Danny Boi and they contacted her before this blog was posted, so they were ahead of the game. Don’t think so highly of yourself in the future… This blog and you guys are really not that important.

  49. @Easz88 says:

    Listening to SOTW link from above – hilarious! Good stuff!

  50. Stevo-sama says:

    Nice post, Ned. Use bigger screenshots and more p0rn next time, you’ll get twice as many comments.

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