All-Star Week is only a couple of weeks away.  You can see where most of the highways have been repaved and I saw a guy picking up cigarette butts downtown today. Looks like the City is getting ready to host the 2012 All-Star Game and all the festivities that go with it.

What are YOU going to do that week?  Knowing my readers like I think I do, you’re likely broke and can’t afford the $500 tickets to the ASG or the $300 tickets to the Home Run Derby. So that leaves watching events on TV. Here’s a few options on other stuff to do that week for little or no money.

  • Attend an official event.  There’s still a lot of cheap or free things to do surrounding the All-Star Game.  There’s the 5K run on Sunday morning.  There’s also a Parade. Check the official MLB Website for the All-Star Game for those details.
  • People Watch. There’s bound to be some stars in town at least Saturday through Wednesday. Camp out at a nice people watching spot like Harry’s Country Club or Kelly’s in Westport and squint to see if that’s a drunken Chris Berman stumbling by or just a random fat guy.  PS – Make sure to tweet those pictures!
  • Stay the fuck inside.  There’s going to be  a whole mess of outsiders in our town that week.  If you’re like me, you might be just playing online poker and leaving the traffic jams and long lines to the uninitiated. (I actually won a couple bucks from there the other night…) How long do you think the line at the original Gates BBQ will be? 1 Hour? 2 Hours? Plus, you might make a couple bucks on a Straight Flush rather than fighting with Joe Buck to use the flusher. (See what I did there?)
  • Make sure you stop by the Negro Leagues Museum on Sunday.  This will be a great way to see some famous people, but it’s not being billed as a huge event – so it’ll be intimate.  Plus, it’s only $35.  Oh. And Royalman will be there.  Well, come despite that.

Even though you might be hanging at home, we’ll be covering that entire week like a wet felt blanket. Make sure you keep an eye on, and The Royalman Report for full coverage of All Star Week 2012.

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