Hey you... get your damn hands off her...

So Todd Haley got a little chippy after the game with the Broncos. Turns out, he might be a little pissed off about them trying to run up the score. My bet is that the Broncos had something to do with “accidentally” pulling the plug on the Instant Replay machine in the first half. Don’t know. Don’t care. The postgame handshake is a foreign part of baseball. We’d rather kiss our mother on her taint than shake hands with the opposing team after the game.

Sure, we’ll go out to Plaza III with them and have steaks, but we sure as hell can’t shake their hands.

I don’t really know about Todd Haley. I’ve only met him a couple of times at City Council functions and banquets. Honestly, until someone introduced us, I thought he was one of the homeless guys on Grand downtown. He never shaves in the summer, apparently. He was cordial and we exchanged plesantries about how we both like to score hookers when we’re in LA and how his golf game is like my ability to play Frogger. (I am a wicked Frogger player.) But he kind of seemed like a frat-house douche. That’s just my impression. I don’t know many frat-house douches.

Would Major League Baseball ever think of instituting post-game handshakes? I’d vote for a Joe Buck ass-kicking rather than a handshake. I’m sure we’ll find out the real reason he was pissed. I’m sure Jack Harry will say that the Chiefs need to be disbanded or something. But more importantly, I think I’m going to go over to Mike Scioscia after Opening Day and flip him the bird.

Rage On Coach Haley!!!

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