When you work for the Chiefs marketing program, it’s got to be a rough and tumble job.  I mean, one minute you’re getting chewed out for leaving gum wrappers on the steps, another minute you’re trying to put money into the coffers of the clarks by charging firefighters to hold a flag and then you do all this work only to have your team go out and lay a giant turd on the Arrowhead at midfield against the Atlanta Falcons.

Plus, Tony Gonzalez dunked the football on you.  Man. Rough life.

Well, the stress has apparently been getting to the boys and girls running the Twitter account for the old @KCChiefs as they lashed out at one of their fans today.

Great Kansas City fan Travis Wright, or as you know him, @teedubya got a rude-o-gram to his DM’s today after saying the Chiefs have the spending habits of one Scrooge McDuck.  Read the message below:

He took to Reddit and the issue got even more traction.

Nice way to treat your fans, Chiefs.  Here’s an idea, hold a team to under 40 points next week.  THEN you can shit all over your fans.

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One Response to Chiefs Marketing Challenges Fans To “Have Facts Straight”

  1. @NorthMoRoyal says:

    Just another reason among many I quit the chiefs. From the firefighters to the treatment of employees I am glad I left. Go Falcons! #SPOOOOOON!

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