Fake Ned Minute

Fake Ned Minute #14 – Fat Albert

Hey, Hey, Hey!! We’re back with another round of Fake Ned Minutes – today’s is about Fat Albert. That’s Fat Contract Albert. Don’t forget to catch the Rambling Morons podcast, right here at RamblingMorons.com

Fake Ned Minute #13 – Fake Ned Fisters – Part III – Best and Worst KC Sports Talk

The two biggest awards in the history of awards – the Fake Ned Fisters going out to our top and bottom KC Sports Talk programs. WORST SPORTS TALK Nominee: Bob Fescoe Winner (Loser?): Between the Lines w/ Kevin Kietzman BEST… (READ MORE)

Fake Ned Minute #12 – Fake Ned Fister Awards – Part II

Part 2 of the Fake Ned Year End Awards. We call them “The Fisters.”  Several more this week, and then next week, we’ll finish up with the big ones – Best and Worst in Kansas City Sports Broadcasting. Here’s this… (READ MORE)

The 2011 Fake Ned Awards – Part I

It’s the end of the year already and that means it’s time to send out our first-annual Fake Ned Awards. We call them “The Fisters” in honor of our favorite twitter topic. Instead of some lame intro and awards show… (READ MORE)

Fake Ned Minute #10 – What’s in a Name?

Pissed off about Kauffman Stadium possibly changing its name? Meh.  My response: You only live once and if you could use that money for a new pitcher, DO IT. This Fake Ned Minute was part of the Royalman Report on… (READ MORE)

Fake Ned Minute #9 – You Say You Want A Revolution?

You call that a Riot? Do you even know what the hell you’re rioting about? Really? THAT’S the side of fence you’re coming down on? Today’s Fake Ned Minute is all about college… some bad decisions are great, like two… (READ MORE)

Fake Ned Minute – October 30, 2011 Post-World Series Edition

The World Series is over. Is it still a championship if the other team flat-out gave you the championship? I guess you still get rings.  This week’s FNM deals with the final two games of the 2011 World Series. If… (READ MORE)

Fake Ned Minute – October 23, 2011 – With Extras!!

I contributed three pieces of sound to this week’s Royalman Report this week.  The standard Fake Ned Minute – this week’s was about the World Series, Tim McCarver and Ron Freaking Washington. Fake Ned Minute #6 – World Series [mp3j… (READ MORE)