There’s a new player on the KC Sports Talk landscape and it’s The Danny Parkins show.  Wait, I know what you’re thinking. Danny was already on the air, BUT effective March 15, Danny and his new co-host, Carrington Harrison got the call to be big leagues and their show time was doubled from 2 to 4 hours daily.

Their draw in the Radio Wars is a strong 2-seed, up against Soren Petro’s The Program.  Can this underdog find its stride and compete against an established powerhouse?

Perhaps when you look at the newcomer, Carrington Harrison, a former intern on Nick Wright’s show, (and strong supporter of local podcasts, by the way) you can understand how you shouldn’t just chalk The Program to the next round.  We sat down (via the miracle of e-mail) with Carrington to discuss his new promotion, his local talk heroes, the competition and the “old married couple” relationship with Danny Parkins.


Skopje Rambling Morons: What does the change from Nick’s show to Danny’s show mean to you?

Minusinsk Carrington Harrison: I love Nick’s show. I’m probably the biggest fan of that show, it changed my life. I got the priviledge to work with people I truly cared about so in that aspect it’s sad because I won’t see Nick, Jared and Carm as much everyday. This is an incredible opportunity for me though. It’s a dream come true. Growing up, I had 3 heroes or people I looked up to in this profession: St. John, Whitlock, and Rome so to be somewhat replacing them is a surreal feeling. I think Danny and I can have an amazing show. That’s what excites me most. I believe in what we can do. RM: What will the name of the show be?

CDot: Name will stay the same. Unless you change it to something incredibly witty, people will always associate that name with the show so it seemed naturally for it to stay.

RM: You’ve already developed a somewhat combative rapport with Danny (I call it the “old married couple” bit) – do you see that sticking? Or do you think you’ll suddenly make nice and join hands each day?

CDot: I wouldn’t call it “old married couple”. Our personalities couldn’t be further apart and that plays itself out in the debate it. As long as Danny gives it up some and doesn’t make me sleep on the couch, we’ll be good.

RM: How about you personally?  How long have you been with the station? Do you see this as a step to your own show?  What do you want to be when you grow up?

CDot: I’m good. I’m excited. This feels like the next step in my life. I interned for 2 summers in college, 1 when Nick was still on 9-11 and the next summer he was on 2-6, and then started full-time for What’s Wright in December 2010 when I got done with school.

RM: How about your competition. You’re going up one of the most prepared, daunting shows in The Program. What says you have what it takes to compete?

CDot: I try not to think about things I can’t control. If there is room for 2 sports stations, why is there not room for two midday shows? I don’t get caught up in that whole #radiowars thing. My focus everyday is coming to work and try to make the best radio possible and make radio that I believe in and hopefully people enjoy. I tried my hardest to make What’s Wright the best show possible I think I did that and plan on doing the same here. You can’t out Petro and that’s not our goal. Sometimes I think we forget that we are getting paid to talk about people playing a game, radio should be fun. My goal is to bring that fun to the air everyday. That’s my only focus.

RM: How about your absence from Nick’s show now?  Do you think he’ll just retire? How do you think he’ll be able to continue moving forward?

CDot: Nick’s show will probably get better with my absence. They’ll replace me with Kate Upton or someone.


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  1. Easz88 says:

    I’ve really enjoyed going out to lunch at 11:30 and turning on the radio to 610 and getting to hear Danny and CDot. I won’t say I don’t like Soren, but there’s just something about his voice that bugs me in the kind of a way a dripping faucet bugs someone who has been awake for 36 hours.

    That being said, I love the live and local out of 610, but am a little sad about not having the Carm and Carrington duo together anymore. #Sniffles

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