Earlier in the week, a twitter observer noticed this posting on the Entercom website announcing the opening for a new on-air personality.

This, coupled with Nick Wright’s open discussions about his contract negotiations on his show piqued my interest.

So I made a few phone calls to industry insiders that confirmed the following:

Nick Wright is leaving 610 Sports.

His new assignment may have something to do with his spot-guest hosting duties on a Saturday Morning national show on Fox Sports Radio. I do know that the job will not be in Kansas City.

So. The controversial sports radio host who was born and raised here in Kansas City will move onto greener pastures. He joins his frenemie, Jason Whitlock seeking fame and fortune at a national scale.

Nick was brash and outspoken, telling Ink Magazine, “You listen to my show for a week, my show will either entertain you more or make you think more or make you angrier. One of the three. But there’s nobody that can listen to my show for a week and not acknowledge that it’s superior,” he added. “That, I know.” Boastful to the last, he spent what could be his last week poking fun at Kevin Kietzman as they shared a parking lot on competing remotes.

For a good time... call....

However, his wheelhouse has always been NBA and NFL Football. In this baseball town, and on the Flagship of the Kansas City Royals, Nick has always been working with an arm tied behind his back. This was most evident when he had a spot-start on Fox Sports Radio and you could tell the passion in his voice when he talked about the NBA. If you talk about the NBA on KC Radio, you’re jeered for it.

He was able to only briefly overtake Kietzman’s “Between The Lines” for a brief time last summer and is now comfortably in second place in the #RadioWars. However, the status of 610 Sports has never been higher, due, in part to Nick’s show.

So, is his departure a move to greener pastures, or is he a casualty of #RadioWars?

Regardless, he’s due to be off of 610 Sports in the very near future. Calling Soren Petro… You’re on the clock.

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18 Responses to BREAKING: Nick Wright Leaving 610 @getnickwright

  1. Bobster says:

    Good riddance! He was awful!

  2. KC says:

    brought in politics and his obsession with obama too much anyways. much like whitlock – race is not always the most important topic in sports.

  3. Bryan o'Connor says:

    Nick is the best sports talk guy in KC. Unlike KK he has no personal agenda except to have a good show. He’s entertaining, something that will seriously be lacking in KC sports radio without him. Good luck Nick.

  4. Steve Jones says:

    Kietzman sucks and he is light years ahead of Nick Wright quality wise. Please find someone who isn’t such an annoying douche 610.

  5. phil says:

    I’d be willing to bet that amongst those who hate Nick Wright, 75% have a below-average IQ and have not graduated college.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Clearly that last comment must be from Nick Wright’s mother.

  7. Jeff says:

    It was Nick Wright himself. As a college grad, like those in my field at work, not a single colleague listens to his clearly little knowledge of KC sports

  8. Mister Donut says:

    You mentioned Petro in your story (“Calling Soren Petro”)

    I don’t listen to sports radio beyond just the Royals games, so I don’t know – Where is Petro these days? I liked his coverage of the Royals many years ago. Maybe he WOULD be a good lead-in for the Royals.

    Maybe I would start listening to sports radio beyond just the Royals games.

  9. P Diddy says:

    Please bring Soren Petro to 610… he’s by far the best in KC. KK is so washed up… he’s a lot like Don Fortune, if he was an animal at the Zoo, they would have already put him to sleep.

  10. Michael says:

    I wish 610 would go back to playing Country or a Oldies radio station here the baby boomers in Kansas City have no free radio station for the 40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s All we have is 949 KCMO and that station is just awfull it plays the same Classic Hits songs over and over and over… Kansas City has way too many of the same Genres All of our AM and now FM is going talk! Kansas City’s radio stations SUCK!

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  12. Kent says:

    Sad to see Nick Wright go. Been a follower since his night show. Meteoric rise through the ranks of KC radio. Found a way to blend national and local topics. Always related it back to KC though. I’m assuming it’s either back to New York or some form of national gig. Either way, his talents translate well to either. I agree with some of the knocks on him here. Too political, with some morality stances not consistent with those of the typical midwestern adult or my personal opinions. However, he stayed true to himself, and I respect that. KK is a sell out with a financial agenda that’s bigger than the KC sports issues. Nick Wright brought the pulse of what was going on in KC. He was very proactive with the fanbase and on social media tools, which is what drew a young demographic to him. If it weren’t for brand loyalty from the older generations of KC sports fans, Kevin Kietzman would be obsolete. I’m officially starting a campaign for What’s Hot with Cdot to replace Nick Wright. Carrington Harrison for afternoons! What’s Hot in Nick’s Time Slot!!

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  14. Sportsdrenched says:

    Soren used to have a talk show with Entercom on 980 when he also did Royals coverage. When Entercom announced they were doing an all sports station Soren wanted no part of it. (He was quoted in the Star as saying that, not that I have any personal knowledge) He hates doing traffic and weather. You also might have missed Soren’s Twitter rant aimed at 610 a few weeks ago. I would be totally shocked if Soren left UB for Entercom.

    I liked Nick’s show even when he was doing scrub Saturdays. However, I have no doubt KK & Soren have had offers to move to bigger markets and have chose to stay in KC. There is something to said for that, regardless of what you think of their shows. 810 has had a stable line-up while 610 seems to be a revolving door.

    ….and I think calling someone Don Fortune would be a compliment. He’s retired in Florida and sails in his spare time after a long career in broadcasting. Isn’t that what broadcasters, and anyone trying to accomplish in their careers? Retiring with enough money to enjoy your hobby?

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  17. kavin says:

    I thought he was leaving why is this clown still on the radio? This moron talks about everything but sports. Now he’s with John Hopez another sad sack talk so host. I’m boycotting 610am they are not about sports any more

  18. Jerry Russell says:

    Unfortunate event

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