I’m just terribly, terribly sad.

where can i buy accutane in the uk To wake up to news of a shooting at a Midnight showing of “The Dark Night Rises” and to learn of the utter chaos that happened inside that theater saddens me to my core.  This man, whom witnesses say donned a gas mask, popped a canister of a gas and then started open firing, is so sick and disturbed that he didn’t put up a fight when his clips were empty and was taken into custody.

Mineralnye Vody Did he think it would be funny to mirror many of the themes of these dark Batman movies?  Chemical gas? Terrorism? Who knows what was going on in this sick fuck’s mind.  All I know is that I will remember him and his victims every time I walk into a theater now. Thanks for that.

We’re going to find out some grizzly details over the next hours and days.  How a 3 month old was burned by chemical gasses and possibly shot. How moviegoers in the theater next door saw bullets coming from the theater next door.  How movie goers probably thought this was some sort of fucked up flash mob in the opening minutes of this tragedy.

The thing I keep coming back to is that these folks were a lot like me.  These folks WERE me.  One of the people in attendance was a popular twitterer, @JessicaRedfield – who micro-blogged about being excited to see the movie.  Then silence.



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