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Danlí Don’t leave.

Magalang Yeah, I know that’s a bit ironic coming from someone who has been critical of you in the past. But I think you’re man enough to let that roll off your back. And I’m going to try to be man enough to say some things that are long overdue.

Mössingen You’re contemplating a move to the Minnesota Twins Television Network, leaving behind more than a decade with the Royals. Your career here has been a growing experience. You came in as a young voice, a protege to Hall of Famer Denny Matthews. But then something happened. You became your own broadcaster.  Your own voice. You became the voice of the Royals.

Sure, we still mercilessly made fun of you, but we did that because you are family. And that’s how we keep our family humble. I’m quite certain that this decision is not being made because of twitter and social media, but if it in any way affects your decision, please consider staying.

As I understand it, your role with Royals (Fox) Television isn’t an option for next year. That’s okay. Move to radio. Take over for Denny when it’s his time to leave. Continue to be the “face of the franchise” as Soren Petro called you yesterday.

Continue to stay with your family.

I know you have a long history with the Twins. You played for Minnesota. Your Dad worked for the Twins. And if your decision is based solely on “going back home” then Godspeed. But if it’s just about media politics, you should stay. Know you have the Royals’ fans on your side.

We pester you. We groan at some of the things you say. But you’re family. You’re our brother. And the future of the Royals, as bright as it is, will somehow seem emptier if you’re not on the call.

I’ve said my peace. If you do leave, please know that you will be missed. But do the right thing and stay.

–Fake Ned

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One Response to An Open Letter to Ryan Lefebvre

  1. Jeff says:

    I’d be glad to have him back on the radio broadcast. He was really good with Denny (who always will be the voice of the Royals). His TV contract is up with Fox Sports? I never heard about that.

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