Stuttgart Mühlhausen Hey guys,

buy dapoxetine tablets It has been said that if you don’t shoot, you don’t score – so in that spirit, I wanted to make a last ditch effort here.

buy gabapentin 300 mg uk Stay.

Stay in Kansas City. Stay with your friends. Stay with the clubhouse dance music, and the never ending game of cards, and most of all the laughter.

I am fully aware that it would require an unprecedented gesture on Mr. Glass’s part. It would also require a sacrifice and commitment from each of you as well as the players’ union and Major League Baseball. Teams like the Royals simply don’t stay around for a second go around. They blow up and rebuild from the ashes.

But what about instead of scattering to the edges of the country, where you’ll need to make new friends, develop new cultures, and start your own personal story all over again – what if you all locked elbows and stayed in the town where the media crush won’t be overwhelming, and all that’s needed to secure your place in the history of this town is another epic run – together. WIth teammates you know like the back of your hand, and a lineup you know can produce, and fans that hold you on the highest pedestals.

And I’m not talking about history – you’re already there with 1738, and backflips, and the parade. I’m talking about History. The one made of bronze that are written about decades after your numbers have been dipped in gold and hung on the Hall of Fame.

The easiest thing is to leave. I get that. We all get that. You’ve done your time, and now it’s time to get paid. But what if Mr. Glass gave a little, and you gave a little, and Dayton Moore sprinkled some magic dust on the contract and you all were here for another five years? Suddenly, the Royals become a dynasty and not just a shooting star. Suddenly, the Royals are a powerhouse in the free agent market – able to go after a pitching staff that could keep you in games while you keep the line moving. Suddenly, they begin planning for new flag poles in left, and new plinths in right.

Suddenly you – the collective you – have made History.

I don’t think anyone would think badly of you when you leave. You changed this city in 2014 and 2015. But I wanted to take one last shot in hopes of explaining what might be accomplished if you changed the city forever.

God speed and see you soon.


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