Look, I don’t know what it’s like to work for a television station. That much we know. But it really looks like y’all really mailed it in last night during your “Royals Preview” show.

Soria looks to improve on a difficult 2011 according to Metro Sports

I understand that covering Spring Training is a bit like Groundhog Day. Go get an interview with the manager, the couple of top stars, may be an up and coming guy and then get film of guys running around.  I got that.  But the show you guys played last night on your network was more like a groundhog’s turd.

Let me explain, and understand that I didn’t see the first 10 minutes, so if you started the show with some sort of disclaimer like “The information contained in this program is horribly outdated” then I apologize in advance.

The 5 segments I watched last night included:

  • An outline of the “back of the bullpen” situation with Joakim Soria anchoring the closers role and newcomer Jonathan Broxton handling 8th inning duties.
  • A look at the incredible rise of Salvador Perez. Looking at his long-term contract signing as well as how he is expected to change the dynamics of the team in 2012.
  • An in-depth interview with Ned Yost on how incredible Perez plays.
  • A 5 minute interview with the absolute worst Royals interview on the planet, Luke Hochevar. (Do you know?)
  • A 5 minute interview with Royals second baseman, Johnny Giavotella.

Of course, anyone who has been following the Royals for the last 3 weeks would immediately know that approximately 80% of the information contained in it was out of date.

  • Salvador Perez suffered a knee injury and won’t be available by most estimates until the All-Star Break
  • Joakim Soria suffered a season-ending elbow injury and is needing a second Tommy John surgery.
  • Ned Yost opted to send down Giavotella down to AAA Omaha and go with a platoon setup at second base of Chris Getz and Yuniesky Betancourt.
  • And please stop interviewing Hochevar until he fixes his nervous “ya know” tick.

Clearly injuries have only occurred in the past couple of weeks. But these injuries have changed the dynamic of the team so much that this special should have been completely reshot and/or simply not aired.

To air that “special” was to insult the Metro Sports viewer and the average Royals fan – a viewer that has grown to appreciate Metro’s ability to get us fresh knowledge.

The show that followed this special was a “College Gameday” program that had fairly accurate information on the Frank Martin to South Carolina news that only broke a couple hours before.

Why couldn’t you have simply re-edited the special and used fresh analysis from the studio, or just rewritten it.  More work? Yep. Less risk of looking foolish? Yep.

You completely missed the story of the Royals so far this Spring.  Injuries largely ignored the team last year, and we’ve gotten a double-dose so far.  Your program mentioned none of this. Hell, at this pace, you could’ve just re-aired the Royals Special from 2004. Keep an eye on this Eduardo Villacis character! He’s got quite an arm!

I understand that covering Spring Training is a bit like Groundhog Day, but you don’t have to treat it that way.

Do better.


Fake Ned

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3 Responses to An Open Letter to Metro Sports

  1. Easz88 says:

    If watching T.V. bothers you, and getting information from them is likened to being kicked in the sack, perhaps you should read the paper. He’s one of the greatest Royals reporters out there, and for a political cartoonist, he’s not too shabby at it.

    That’s right, try Lee Judge’s “Judging the Royals” – Everyday!!!

    Best thing about it… comments. Not only do readers fashion excellent and thought out comments, Lee actually responds.

  2. Bobster says:

    You telling someone they did a bad broadcast is like Marv Albert telling someone that they need a better toupee.

  3. Kansas City Sports Fan says:

    Metro Sports is horrible. Don’t even watch. Hire chicks to do the reporting and I might start watching it again. The men on there are really really really really boring and dull.

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