(Editor’s Note: If your name is Mike McCartney, stop reading now. I mean it. Stop.)

Billy Crystal once famously told a story about his first trip to Yankees Stadium and when he first heard legendary PA Announcer Bob Sheppard and how Reggie Jackson called him “the voice of God.”

Major League Stadiums are special places. We are lucky in Kansas City to have one of the most amazing stadiums. One of the major reasons for this is the booming voice announcing “YOUR KANSAS CITY ROYALS” – His name is Mike McCartney.

Now batting... Number 3... Fake Ned Yost...

Whether you ever knew his name before today is irrelevant, you immediately know his voice. You hear it when you pick up your bags at KCI. You hear it on commercials on television and radio. You might even have imagined him announcing your name as the starting First Baseman for the Kansas City Royals in a dream. (Just me?? Okay. Fine.)

But I’ve learned that Mike is an actual guy – he has a young baseball-playing son, is active in the community and has a kindness that comes through even when he’s announcing a New York Yankees lineup.

So, I was shocked when I read his twitter pronouncement last week that he’s been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. “Caught it early and treatable” he said, as if that doesn’t make it any less scary.

I (thankfully) don’t have a lot of history with family members and cancer. If it were something like alcoholism or obesity, I’d be able to give precise tips – but this is new to me.

I think, through twitter, we’ve begun to form a community of Royals fans – dare I call it “Royals Nation” to steal a phrase. So, I challenge Royals Nation to send out some love to Mike when you see him this week at the ballpark.

And if you REALLY want to take it to an over-the-top level, I would challenge you to make a donation to MLB-endorsed Cancer Charities in Mike’s name.  You can put me down for $50.

Prostate Cancer Foundation

Stand Up 2 Cancer Foundation

Make sure to send Mike a tweet @mikemccartneykc knowing that you’re thinking of him and are eager to hear him back on the mic for the 2012 season!!

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3 Responses to An Open Letter to Anyone Not Named Mike McCartney

  1. beingbenkeefe says:

    how about putting Mike’s twitter handle in the story if you want us to tweet him you jackass…

  2. FakeNed says:

    Fixed. Thanks, Captain Dill-hole!

  3. NorthMoRoyal says:

    Nice job. Go Mike!

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