Reprinted from the Rambling Moron Column at the Platte County Landmark.

Posted 2/14/13
PCPoliceOver the past several months, the Kansas City Police Department has allowed Twitter-enabled citizens do “ride alongs” with them and describe the action that goes on in the patrol cars. These have been dubbed “tweetalongs” and they serve to increase exposure for the men and women who put their lives on the line, as well as show some of the action that happens.

Here in Platte County, things are a little bit slower, but that doesn’t mean Platte City’s Finest work any less hard. And those folks have had a rough last few months. I thought that the Platte City Police Department could use a similar PR boost, so I contacted the police chief and unfortunately, my requests were denied. But that’s not going to stop me from providing a “virtual tweetalong” for the benefit of the Platte City Police. Here are some of the tweets from that night:

Spitak #PCTweetalong – PC Police stopping by Casey’s Gen Store. Just to check in. Got to see the “Murder free since 2013” sign.

Got to see the security camera room. Man, they have an excellent view of Foley’s home. #Tweetalong

These officers are fantastic. They don’t have a K-9 Unit here, but they did let me hold “Fluffy the Police Ferret.” #PCTweetalong

RT: @PCPolice Janet Smith, your kid is blocking the television. Can you ask him to move? #Tweetalong

Went with officers down to Cabelas to stock up on more “Game Cameras.” There’s apparently someone dumping their egg shells in the dumpster. #Tweetalong #SmileUrOnCandidCamera

Asked cops how they’re paying for the new cameras, both snickered and said “just add it to the radio system bill. What’s a few more in taxes?” #Tweetalong

Patrol car stopped off Myers Drive to pull what the officers called the “Flaming Poo Bag” trick on house of D. Peck. We all laughed. #Tweetalong

Platte City Police checked in on the old man who carried a bunch of guns to a Platte City bank. The old man thanked the officers for their service at Pearl Harbor #Tweetalong

Speedtrap Time along 92 Highway. Only person caught was a high school principal rushing to a “rendezvous” near the airport. #Tweetalong

DWI test near the square. Man kept saying he was a newspaper editor and was “drinking on a deadline.” No ticket issued since man was pantsless riding a skateboard. #Tweetalong

RT: @ivanfoley Man, justpflb dodddged a bullet thar. Also: need pants.

I want to thank the police officers for allowing me to tweet from their patrol car. It was an enlightening experience and one that gave me a better appreciation for these men and women… and ferrets.

Nzeto (Chris Kamler is active on Twitter, where he is known as @TheFakeNed. He hosts a baseball related radio show Wednesdays at 4 p.m. on ESPN 1510 AM. Reach him through his web site,

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