A tortured Royals fan 14 hours away. SungWoo Lee is our 2012 RamblingMorons Royals Fan of the Year

http://dnasab.net/project/dnasab-video-sculpture-40/ A tortured Royals fan 14 hours away.

http://peterstarkauthor.com/2021 Late last year, I wrote about Sung Woo Lee, a Korean Royals Fan who has never physically seen a Royals game, and never visited Kansas City before.  We also learned that the only piece of Royals memorabilia Sung Woo has is the Royals hat pictured above.

http://studio212photo.com/perfect-rib-roast-succulent-and-savory/ This past year has been an incredible one here in Kansas City as we hosted an All-Star Game and also watched our young Royals continue to build towards a championship run. Sung Woo has been there every step of the way – but in spirit and not in person.  We’re about to change all that.  Well, we were about 3 months ago before I left the bag in the back of my car. (Sorry!!)

And thanks to <a href=”https://twitter.com/Evulm0nkey”>@Evulm0nkey</a> and another Twitterrer whose DM’s have rolled off my webpage, we’re sending Sung Woo a little taste of Kansas City and the year we just finished.

So, the Royals fans of Kansas City are sending South Korea a little taste of Kansas City.  Sung Woo, here in about a week, here’s what we’re sending you…

I’m dropping the box at the post office Monday. Should be to you by Spring Training.  (Sorry for the delay!)

The guys packed some great gifts, here’s a few pictures of the stuff we’re sending you:

Knick-Knacks from Royals

Some autographs, some pencils and some magnets.

Signed baseball from some Royals greats, and also Luke Hochevar

Here’s a ball signed by some of the Royals greats… and also Luke Hochevar.

A couple of giveaway jerseys

These are two giveaway jerseys that are always the biggest promotion giveaway items every year

2012 Media Guide, All Star Program and a Scorecard from me

Here’s some stuff from my stash, a 2012 Media Guide, one of my scorecards from the press box and a couple of All-Star Game programs.

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