buy Seroquel in mo Everbody’s got a crazy fucked up Uncle that likes to do the “pull my finger” bit, right?

Allapattah Meet Rex Hudler.  He’s your crazy Uncle.

buy generic Lyrica online Rex is insane. He’s zany. He suffers from diarrhea of the mouth. He says some fucked up shit like “Ugly Finder” and “can’t sneak a piece of cheese past a hungry rat.”

He’s unabashedly positive and Royals fan’s aren’t positive. We’re Royals fans.

We’ve been beaten down by the elements and the Yankees and the losses and the “Friends in Low Places.”

…And along comes Rex.  Rex is a schnauser. Rex is a chatty Cathy doll with its string clipped. Rex is a St. Louis Cardinal.  How on earth can we stomach this?

I, along with 99.99% of all of you, was very critical. I didn’t need this bullshit following the fart in church that was the firing of Frank White.  Rex is SITTING IN FRANK’S CHAIR and he’s blasting out garbage like “Confidence is a major league baseball player’s best friend.” and “Keep it out of the middle of the zone.” No shit??

And then I saw this…

It’s a video of Chris Ianetta of the Angels fouling a ball back to the broadcast booth and it was caught by… you guessed it… Rex Hudler.

Keep watching towards the end.  This swell of praise – way more than some normal broadcaster catching a foul ball – begins to be heaped on him.

Wait a second. What do those fans know that I don’t?  I still hated that guy.  No matter.  But why did they cheer so loudly?

And that anger just turned into venomous hatred. Hatred of a guy I’d never met. Hatred of a fella who spent 14 years in the Majors with 6 different teams. Hatred of a guy who has a child with Down’s Syndrome. Hatred of a guy who broadcast for the Angels for nearly a decade.

Could I be wrong about #P90Rex?

In that same second, it was like a light switched on in my head.  Suddenly, he wasn’t Rex Fucking Hudler, he was REX MOTHER FUCKING HUDLER!!!

I waited for the next Hudlerism… and then the next… and the next… The passion in his voice is unmistakable. There’s no question about that.  The man loves baseball.  How does that make him any worse than Harry Carey, or Jack Buck or Vin Scully?

The entire paradigm shifted in my head. He wasn’t just the Uncle playing the “pull my finger” gag, he was the fun Uncle that always farted!!

Could we actually, as a community, get behind Rex? It’s going to take work, but we do tend to be overly critical of those “outside the family.” (And if your name is Chris Getz, we’re overly critical of those inside the family, too.)

This is the same bunch of knuckleheads that consistently bitch (me included) about Denny Matthews seeming disinterested in the radio booth. Well, PROBLEM SOLVED!

So, take a few minutes and really listen to the passion in Rex’s voice.

I’ll bet that by June 1 the most popular Rex hashtags on twitter won’t be the sarcastic and cynical #P90Rex and #Hudlerism, but they’ll be #P90Rex and #Hudlerism and they’ll be incredible.

Mr. Hudler… I apologize for judging you… now entertain me, you nutty, nutty bastard.

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3 Responses to A Foul Ball Changed My Mind… On Rex

  1. cfarmer22 says:

    Google his moniker, “Bug-Eater.” If that doesn’t make you a Rex fan, I don’t know what does.

  2. Easz88 says:

    Keep Rex and Steve together and I’ll be fine… but when they teamed him up with Ryan last night it felt… well… icky.

    Rex and Steve appear to have that good working relationship, while Rex and Ryan felt like… I don’t know… something dirty and wrong.

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