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Taking My Talents to KCPN

Through this pandemic, my creative juices have been flowing. Well, let’s just say juices have been flowing and I’ve been making things. I’ve put out a few Fake Ned Minutes over the last few months and have finally found a… (READ MORE)

The Glowforge

Cabin fever has gotten the best of me. It’s been what feels like 934 days in captivity. But I think I may have finally licked it. No, not a resolution for Covid. But I do think I’ve found a way… (READ MORE)

Fake Ned Minute – Self-Quarantine

Thought I had the ‘Rona last week, so did me some self-quarantining. Here are some tips I learned. Real tips. Just the tips.

Fake Ned Fister Awards Are Back – Chiefs Parade Edition

Back to hot Internet content. I’m contributing to a media network called The Foolish Club and that means sending out some hot internet content right into your computer holes. Or. Something. This past week, the city threw the biggest party… (READ MORE)

Rest in Peace Greg Hall

Greg Hall, columnist, photographer, pain in the ass of local media, and “software guy” has passed away suddenly. He was an idol and mentor to me, and I am beyond heartbroken to hear of his sudden passing. I have a… (READ MORE)

Yes, Virginia

It’s rare anymore that I get to actually have a long conversation with my son. But on Christmas Eve, Kara and I drove around with Brett looking at Christmas lights. Kara mentioned that it didn’t really feel like Christmas this… (READ MORE)

Millennials Killed the Video Star

So I find myself opening my computer for the day, and up pops up my daily news site. Usually the first headline of the day lets me know if it’ll be a good day, or a bad day. A Trump headline is usually a down day, a puppy headline is a good day. This day was… weird.

The Lost Mines of Phandelver – An Ongoing Adventure

“Hey Dad?” This was the first thing I had heard my 15 year old say to me in the last several months that didn’t include the words, “need a ride,” “money,” or “more money.” “My buddies and I were talking.”… (READ MORE)


This first appeared in the Platte County Landmark on July 3, 2018. Over the past week, politicians and media outlets have seemed to focus on a call for civility by President Trump. This follows the controversy about the immigration policies… (READ MORE)