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Royals Fans to MLB: Go Blue Yourself

Originally appeared on PineTarPress.com – a now defunct website – on June 19, 2015 Those pesky Royals fans are at it again. You’re hearing it withmedia including the three hour infomercial against homerism All-Star voting courtesy of Eric Karros on… (READ MORE)

Help Bring The Story of Royals Fans to South By Southwest

There’s something happening in Kansas City and it’s not just on the baseball field. It is in living rooms and bars and on tablets and phones and laptops. Kansas City fans have awakened and are now unequivocally part of the… (READ MORE)

We Participated In History… Poorly

We have crossed over into the surreal.  Last month, we all watched in horror as events too impossible for a summer movie blockbuster played out on our television screens, our radios and our computers. The images were indelible and heartbreaking…. (READ MORE)

Share and Share Alike

SHARE AND SHARE ALIKE  Posted 3/17/13 I was talking with a friend recently about everything that’s wrong with social networking today. I think it’s great that folks seem to have embraced the idea of technology. Just a few years ago,… (READ MORE)

The First Step Towards Recovery

Reprinted from the Rambling Moron Column at the Platte County Landmark. THE FIRST STEP TOWARD RECOVERY  Posted 1/19/13 It begins about 8 p.m. every night. Just as I am whisking my kid off to his nightly bath. I give it a glance…. (READ MORE)

The Fans’ Voice Is Getting Stronger

Reprinted from the Rambling Moron Column at the Platte County Landmark. THE FANS’ VOICE IS GETTING STRONGER Posted 1/11/13 For generations, the “fan” of a team has had some very minor duties – pay for admission and cheer for your… (READ MORE)

Chiefs Marketing Challenges Fans To “Have Facts Straight”

When you work for the Chiefs marketing program, it’s got to be a rough and tumble job.  I mean, one minute you’re getting chewed out for leaving gum wrappers on the steps, another minute you’re trying to put money into… (READ MORE)

Royals Twitter Quitters Total Two

Make that two popular Royals players that have announced that they are quitting Twitter. Earlier in the year, injured pitcher Danny Duffy closed his popular and upbeat Twitter account for a short time after a heated discussion with an online… (READ MORE)

Danny Duffy Quits Twitter

This is a story about Twitter; Baseball and Athletes; Trolling and Trolls; and Children and Childishness. But mostly it’s about Twitter. As has been documented by the Kansas City Royals, Danny Duffy, injured starting pitcher for the Royals deactivated his… (READ MORE)

#HateWeek – My Day As A KU Fan #kubball #Mizzou

It’s Hate Week. And if you don’t know what that means, then you obviously aren’t a fan or MU or KU, or you have a mental disorder. Hate Week meant to me that I’m liable to lose my shit a… (READ MORE)