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Royals Rain Check Soaks Fans

Our friends at the Royals Ticketing Office are at it again. We’ve told you about this group’s attempts to outright fleece money from fans using questionable tactics, telemarketing and bait and switching – but now they’re resorting to just shaking… (READ MORE)

Royals Ticketing Woes Continue

A few weeks ago, we told you about some unique opportunities the Royals were using to sell tickets. ¬†Well, now the ticket office has moved from telemarketing to outright bait and switching. This morning, many of us were greeted in… (READ MORE)

Royals Pursue New Season Ticket Holders By Telemarketing Groupon Buyers

Remember last year when the Royals sold ticket offers on Groupon? If you were like me, you jumped at the chance for very cheap tickets for a weeknight game. Well, there may have been an ulterior motive behind the sale…. (READ MORE)