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The Bookend On The Other Side of the World

If you’re not familiar with the story of Sungwoo Lee, well, you’re probably on the wrong website. Click the big blue book on the right and pay $10 to read all about it. Then come back here and you’ll be… (READ MORE)

The Parade, The Embrace, & The Amen – Part II

Call this a few bonus chapter of my book, The Silence, The Series, & The Season of Sungwoo (which, by the way, I still have about 200 copies of so feel free to buy a few and hand them out… (READ MORE)

Post Season Honors – Fan of the Year – SungWoo Lee (@KoreanFan_KC)

There are all types of Royals Fan, those who follow the team casually and sing along to “Friends In Low Places”, those who follow more intently and cross-reference each pitch against the MLB Gameday pitch tracker. ┬áThen there’s the Super… (READ MORE)