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How to Fix the Royals Broadcasting Mess

There’s an old saying, that “a dog who lives in a small backyard will continually be stepping in his own shit.” Actually, I’m lying. There’s no such saying. But there should be. And it’s possible that could be a Rexism… (READ MORE)

Fake Ned Minute #12 – Fake Ned Fister Awards – Part II

Part 2 of the Fake Ned Year End Awards. We call them “The Fisters.” ┬áSeveral more this week, and then next week, we’ll finish up with the big ones – Best and Worst in Kansas City Sports Broadcasting. Here’s this… (READ MORE)

An Open Letter to Ryan Lefebvre

Don’t leave. Yeah, I know that’s a bit ironic coming from someone who has been critical of you in the past. But I think you’re man enough to let that roll off your back. And I’m going to try to… (READ MORE)