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A Rambling Morons Christmas

T’was the day before Christmas, when day drinking is fine. Fuck, I need to buy presents! Get me Amazon on the line! The stockings were sweaty, cuz I sweat when I nap. And all you people care about is that… (READ MORE)

One Year Ago Tonight…

It was one year ago tonight that I sat at this same couch and typed on this same laptop and wrote An Open Letter To Kevin Kietzman.  What was to follow was unanticipated, unexpected and incredible. The letter remains the… (READ MORE)

Rambling Morons Podcast 13 – Nick Wright

This weekend marks our thirteenth show. So rather than doing it under a ladder, or co-hosting with a black cat, we’re pressing our luck in a more traditional manner… by stirring up some shit. We had the King of stirring… (READ MORE)

Rambling Morons Podcast 12 – @MikeMcCartneyKC and #BurritoInABra

There are certain special episodes of television programs throughout history… The last episode of M*A*S*H, the first episode of LOST. The Saved By The Bell where that kid took drugs. And so, we are proud to add this episode into… (READ MORE)

Rambling Morons Podcast 10 – @CodyLHudson can KISS my ass

We did something a little different with the Podcast this week. We spend a lot of time talking about the Radio Industry on our show, simply because I’m a fan of radio. Part of that is the radio industry is… (READ MORE)

Rejected Royals Slogans

The Kansas City Royals announced their 2012 Team Slogan “Our Time” in a recent press conference. As Rustin Dodd wrote in his article, the slogan was simpler and not in any way related to the Goonies. Which made me wonder…… (READ MORE)

How I Lost $100 by Getting on ESPN2

UPDATE (1/12/12) – Just spoke with @KCCauldron and I’ll be giving that $100 to Bishop Sullivan Center who works with #CountryBreakfast on the Hit it a Ton charity. Great charity. Great guys at the Cauldron. I’ll update here when the check… (READ MORE)

Rambling Morons Podcast – S01E08 – @JoeInBugaha and Band 13

We celebrated our eighth episode (No, we didn’t think we’d get this far either) featuring Joe in Bugaha from Jim Rome Show fame and a great local band, Band 13, in studio. As per usual, we were joined by the… (READ MORE)

Rambling Morons – S01E05 – You Suck…

Episode 4 will be Sunday and we’ve got one of the biggest names yet on the show. How about Chris Merrill!!! What?? You don’t know who he is??  Oh. Crap. That’s probably because he sucks. He told us as much… (READ MORE)

Danny Parkins Interview – 2011-12-03

Danny Parkins from 610 Sports is the mid-day host and he was kind enough to sit down with the Rambling Morons to talk all kinds of topics. We talked about the #RadioWars, Kansas City BBQ, Chicago, the Radio Business and… (READ MORE)