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An Open Letter to Metro Sports

Look, I don’t know what it’s like to work for a television station. That much we know. But it really looks like y’all really mailed it in last night during your “Royals Preview” show. I understand that covering Spring Training… (READ MORE)

Does KC Sports Talk Need a Chick?

Earlier today, I wrote about how to take out what is, arguably, best Sports Talk show in Kansas City, The Program with Soren Petro. One suggestion I failed to make at that point was maybe it’s time to have a… (READ MORE)

Scott Shaffer Interview – 11/6/11

The first Rambling Morons podcast, our first guest (Our Bill Murray, if you will) was Scott Shaffer, @IrrelevantScott on Twitter. Who is an up and coming KC-based comedian. He’s got a, *Ahem* unique sense of humor. Enjoy the interview! Thanks… (READ MORE)