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Cheaters Always Win

Originally appeared in Platte County Landmark I’ve gotten it all wrong. Thank you, Alex Rodriguez, Chris Christie, Lance Armstrong, and a host of others for reminding me about a valuable life lesson… Throw out that “liar, liar, pants on fire”… (READ MORE)

It Matters A Great Deal

Reprinted from the Rambling Moron Column at the Platte County Landmark. IT MATTERS A GREAT DEAL  Posted 1/27/13 Millions of words are being written this week by columnists, bloggers, Facebookers and Tweeters about the two biggest sports stories in a decade. Mostly… (READ MORE)

Rewriting History is a Fool’s Errand

I contribute a weekly column to the Platte County Landmark under the “Rambling Moron” name. It’s a great Northland Newspaper and well worth a subscription. The following is an copy of my article which appeared in the 8/31/12 edition – printed with permission…. (READ MORE)