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Is Tweet Comparing Olympian to Lawn Furniture Over The Line?

There’s been a lot of heated discussion about a number of elements of the Olympics over the past week, from the coverage by NBC to the goofy questions by Andrea Kremer to how London is doing hosting – with this… (READ MORE)

Jay Binkley’s “Big Show” is a Big Step Up

Kansas Citians know two things… barbecue and sports. And with that, they love their sports radio. One of the most aggressive sports talk markets in the country, Kansas Citians have developed a passion for the hosts who talk about their… (READ MORE)

One Year Ago Tonight…

It was one year ago tonight that I sat at this same couch and typed on this same laptop and wrote An Open Letter To Kevin Kietzman. ¬†What was to follow was unanticipated, unexpected and incredible. The letter remains the… (READ MORE)