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An Idiot’s Guide to Royals Tickets

It’s baseball season once again in Kansas City. That means heading out to The K, grabbing a dog, maybe a cold beer and watching the Boys in Blue. Over the past several years, grabbing a ticket has gone from simply… (READ MORE)

Forcing Tradition

There is a great debate brewing amongst Royals fans about the Garth Brooks song “Friends in Low Places” that’s used in the sixth inning of home Royals games.  There is a growing sentiment that the song should go away.  The… (READ MORE)

Why Do We Do This To Ourselves?

Being in relationships are challenging. Being in relationships are stressful. But do they have to be? Do you have to go to bed angry? Do you have to wake up thinking of the disappointment you’re likely to feel later in… (READ MORE)

Fake Ned Minute #10 – What’s in a Name?

Pissed off about Kauffman Stadium possibly changing its name? Meh.  My response: You only live once and if you could use that money for a new pitcher, DO IT. This Fake Ned Minute was part of the Royalman Report on… (READ MORE)

The Perfect Day…

Blog post that was written 4 years ago July 25, 2007, then lost… then found… CHAPTER 1 We were so excited to see the fireworks. Every Friday, the Royals shoot fireworks off after their games. I had finally, after many… (READ MORE)


We’ve reached that point in nearly every Royals season in the past 15 years where it’s over. It seems like it came later this year than in years past, but it really hasn’t. It seems like we were in it… (READ MORE)