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Rambling Morons Podcast #26–We Can Never #BeRoyalsKC

Episode 26 pulls out all the stops as we head over to Royals Fan Fest and run into everyone and anyone associated with the Kansas City Royals, including Hall of Famer Denny Matthews, Royals owner David Glass, Royals DH Billy… (READ MORE)

Summer, Kansas City – My Summary of All-Star Week

“They say that these are not the best of times, but they’re the only times I’ve ever known” –Billy Joel, “Summer, Highland Falls” 1977 Kansas City is in the national spotlight so rarely. Sure, there’s the occasional Monday Night Football… (READ MORE)

All-Star #FanFest Set To Impress

We got a chance to tour the 2012 All-Star Fan Fest on Thursday at Bartle Hall and the Kansas City Convention Center. I had mixed expectations. I’ve only been to Royals Fan Fests in the past and was never terribly… (READ MORE)