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The Mount Rushmore of Kansas City Play-By-Plays

So, I’ve been toying with this idea of trying to figure out the Mount Rushmore (Top 4) of Play-By-Play (or Broadcaster Clips) for Kansas City Sports History. Kansas City has had some outstanding broadcasters pass through town.  Monty Moore called… (READ MORE)

An Idiot’s Guide To Watching and Listening to the Royals

It’s that time of year again for the flowers to bloom, the skirts to start coming out and for the Royals to start showing up on Television or Radio. ¬†And just like those short skirts, you have to be smart… (READ MORE)

How to Fix the Royals Broadcasting Mess

There’s an old saying, that “a dog who lives in a small backyard will continually be stepping in his own shit.” Actually, I’m lying. There’s no such saying. But there should be. And it’s possible that could be a Rexism… (READ MORE)

An Open Letter to Ryan Lefebvre

Don’t leave. Yeah, I know that’s a bit ironic coming from someone who has been critical of you in the past. But I think you’re man enough to let that roll off your back. And I’m going to try to… (READ MORE)