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Summer, Kansas City – My Summary of All-Star Week

“They say that these are not the best of times, but they’re the only times I’ve ever known” –Billy Joel, “Summer, Highland Falls” 1977 Kansas City is in the national spotlight so rarely. Sure, there’s the occasional Monday Night Football… (READ MORE)

The 2011 Fake Ned Awards – Part I

It’s the end of the year already and that means it’s time to send out our first-annual Fake Ned Awards. We call them “The Fisters” in honor of our favorite twitter topic. Instead of some lame intro and awards show… (READ MORE)

#CountryBreakfast interviewed about… #CountryBreakfast

From Royals Radio 8/4/2011 – All rights reserved by Royals Radio Network. Billy Butler Royals Pregame Country Breakfast Remember that #CountryBreakfast shirts are on sale. Click HERE for information on where to buy!! Proceeds from these shirts go to Billy’s… (READ MORE)

On Country Breakfast and Streetball…

Because historians will look on this weekend as the days the Royals’ fortune changed, I feel compelled to document what exactly happened in Boston and carried into Cleveland. It started, as most Royals stories do, with a fuckup. It was… (READ MORE)