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Royals – 50 Worst Moments – #39 – The Almonte Game

The next 10 moments on our tour through the suck-fest of Royals worst moments is sponsored! That’s right. Grant Richter of Richter Legal Services does estate planning, business and tax law, and is an all around awesome dude. He is… (READ MORE)

Rejected Royals Slogans

The Kansas City Royals announced their 2012 Team Slogan “Our Time” in a recent press conference. As Rustin Dodd wrote in his article, the slogan was simpler and not in any way related to the Goonies. Which made me wonder…… (READ MORE)

Fake Ned Minute #14 – Fat Albert

Hey, Hey, Hey!! We’re back with another round of Fake Ned Minutes – today’s is about Fat Albert. That’s Fat Contract Albert. Don’t forget to catch the Rambling Morons podcast, right here at RamblingMorons.com