Point / Counterpoint – Chris Kamler vs. Fake Ned

We’ve got an exclusive interview here at Rambling Morons with two legends of the Internet. Chris Kamler, famed Foursquare user and IT guru along with Internet Fan-lebrity “Fake Ned” both agreed to sit down with Rambling Morons to talk about the All-Star Game so far and how the City is doing.

Kamler is a notorious optimist and Pinterest user. Always glowing about his city and his team. Fake Ned is suffering from a miserable case of athletes’ foot.

What follows is an interview we held earlier this morning when Kamler was waking up and Ned was just going to bed after a night of drinking at Kelly’s Westport Inn.

Rambling Morons: Thank you both for agreeing to talk with us today. How do you think the City is doing hosting the All-Star Game?

Chris Kamler: Thanks for having me, random internet blogger. I can’t tell you how impressed I’ve been with the City’s preparation of the All-Star Game. Downtown is sparkling.

Fake Ned: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Oh. Sorry. I thought Robinson Cano was here.

RM: You mentioned Downtown KC. What has caught your eye the most?

CK: We went down there on Saturday, before the heat broke and it was so nice. No orange cones. No construction. Streets were cleaned. It’s just a level of clean I’ve not seen from downtown and I work there every day.  Free trolleys. Just a great time.

FN: The reason it was so clean is because THERE WEREN’T ANY PEOPLE THERE because it was ONE HUNDRED AND SEVEN outside.

RM: Did you go to FanFest and what did you think?

CK: We did go to FanFest. I’ve got a bunch of pictures up on my Facebook Page. I loved seeing the trophies and the Halls of Fame for both MLB and the Negro Leagues were incredible.

FN: Parking: $15. Lines: 90 Minutes. Having Frank White tell you “No Autographs” when you come up to him in the bathroom: Priceless.

RM: Ned, you don’t seem to be embracing the spirit of All-Star Weekend. What’s your problem?

FN: That’s a clown question, bro. I’m dropping this here microphone and walking off. Oh. Wait. That’s already been done.

CK: I had a great time downtown. My goal was to try to get my son to fall in love with Kansas City this weekend. Instead, he fell in love with Katie Ferrell.

RM: What are your major takeaways from the Weekend so far?

CK: Too many to count, blogger. The cheers as we were running in the All-Star 5K (which was the most successful in the history of All-Star 5K’s). Seeing Barry Larkin giving a clinic at Fan Fest. Being retweeted by our Mayor Sly James. The success of the @VisitKC twitter feed answering questions of visitors and natives to Kansas City alike. Jay Mohr tearing the house down at the Midland. Oh, and sharing a sandwich at the Opera House in City Market with my Father, my Wife and my Son.

FN: Robinson Cano is a lying, cock-sucking douchebag. I’m sorry, what was the question?

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