Some guys get together to play poker, others woodwork or donate their time to charity.  Not us, we get together to make fun of movies and drink a lot of beer.  Tonight, we go after Pitch Perfect. We have no idea why we love this movie, but we do. Like men. Real men. Men who are comfortable in their sexuality to bring juice pouches and Rocky to an event such as this.

We don’t know why we love this movie so much, but we do. We’re obsessed with it. So on three… One.. Two..

buy neomercazole online usa SuperCut of Full Version (see below for full version)

Chorley Welcome… to the Riff (Off) Trax of Pitch Perfect!

A5WppkDCQAArb3YThanks to our Riffers: +Chris Kamler (@TheFakeNed) +Michael Engel (@MichaelEngel), Jared Speckman (@Speck60),+Jeff Herr (@thejeffreport) and +Ben Nielsen (@bdn723)

We’ll be doing more of these in the future, so make sure to sound off in the comments on other movies you’d like to see!  We’re targeting Anchorman and Major League next.

If you don’t watch, we may throw a burrito at you.

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