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Paulie’s Pizza – Chapter 13 – Red, Red Wine

CHAPTER 13 – Red, Red Wine The mug shattered on the concrete floor with a smash. The base snapped off spilling out the half of a beer as the top of the mug went into dozens of tiny little pieces…. (READ MORE)

Royals – 50 Worst Moments – #39 – The Almonte Game

The next 10 moments on our tour through the suck-fest of Royals worst moments is sponsored! That’s right. Grant Richter of Richter Legal Services does estate planning, business and tax law, and is an all around awesome dude. He is… (READ MORE)

Royals – 50 Worst Moments – #40 – Broxton’s Walk-Off

We’ve already talked about what a weird year 2012 was. It was clearly a transition year not just for the city, hosting the All-Star Game, but also for the franchise as there would now be even higher expectations since the… (READ MORE)

Royals – 50 Worst Moments – #41 – German’s Dropped Pop Fly

Hope springs eternal, or so the saying goes. No matter what your team did the year before, every April, there is a fever that races over the city and its fans of the boys in blue. April, 2006 was no… (READ MORE)

Royals – 50 Worst Moments – #42 – Tony Pena’s Shower

It was 1965 and the genre of American musical was in its heyday. Nearly everything that Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein wrote was guaranteed to win awards on Broadway and the silver screen. As such, they decided to take on… (READ MORE)

Royals – 50 Worst Moments – #43 – #VoteOmar

For the second moment in a row, we focus on the Championship Royals era. Now, admittedly, it’s hard to criticize a franchise that hung two AL Championship banners and took home World Series rings in 2015. But this particular moment… (READ MORE)

Royals – 50 Worst Moments – #44 – Jeremy Guthrie’s Meltdown

Here’s a little secret, Jeremy Guthrie is one of my favorite ballplayers. It started many years before he joined the Royals when he was playing for the Orioles, his eighth year in the Major Leagues already. He appeared on a… (READ MORE)

Royals – 50 Worst Moments – #45 – Johnny Damon’s Commercial

It’s one thing to have your team lose a close one on the field when you’re outmatched, it’s a completely other thing to have you club lose because you’ve been outmatched by an advertising agency. This is the story of… (READ MORE)

Royals – 50 Worst Moments – #46 – Chris Getz

Let’s get a few things out of the way at the top. There’s nothing wrong with Chris Getz. Chris Getz was a Major League baseball player. Chris Getz played hard when he played, which was kind of some of the… (READ MORE)

Royals – 50 Worst Moments – #47 – Mark Quinn’s Walk

Not every moment on the list of 50 worst moments for the Royals is going to be a tectonic shift. Just like not every grain of sand makes a beach, or every drop of alcohol makes you suddenly drop your… (READ MORE)