buy Seroquel without a perscription Sungwoo Book Cover Front FinalIn late 2014, my life changed. I was among a group of friends who hosted a special guest from South Korea – the culmination of a friendship that started on this website. The events that occurred were extraordinary – so much that I wrote a book about them.で利用可能なsim-を教えてください。-523/ The Silence, The Series, & The Season of Sungwoo is a story I’ve been dying to tell since I walked alongside Sungwoo. The Silence, The Series, and The Season of Sungwoo is a collection of stories of the viral visit that culminated in the most dramatic World Series finale in a generation.

Nobody in Kansas City who witnessed it will ever forget that summer. A beaten and battered baseball team. A fan base who had all but given up. And a city that needed a lucky streak.

Then along came Lee Sungwoo.

Featuring over 50 photographs from the fall of 2014, Sungwoo’s visit and never before seen images of the Kansas City Royals postseason run. Foreword by writer Rany Jazayerli and epilogue by Lee Sungwoo himself.

The book is available in printed and Kindle format from


amazon-logo_blackAdditionally, several locations around Kansas City also carry the book including:

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You can also get a signed copy of the book from


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