Inquiring Minds… The Twitter Bomb of Joel Goldberg

Does Billy Butler sweat while going up stairs?

Joel Goldberg, the sideline reporter for the Kansas City Royals, has provided the Royals fanbase a wealth of entertaining moments through the years. These moments have both been intentional and unintentional.

But if you’re a Royals fan, reading his daily tweets on twitter is a must. He commonly tweets information about the team, lineups and other fun things throughout the day. On Tuesday, he asked his twitter viewers the following:

@goldbergkc: Going to answer Twitter questions tonight on #Royals Live. Submit away!

Well… Fake Ned felt obliged to offer some questions that inquiring minds want to know…

Questions for Joel Goldberg:

  • What’s it like to be SO awesome? Does it hurt?
  • What is the square root of 923?
  • Worse decision, PH Dyson or New Coke?
  • Why do you drive on parkway and park on driveway?
  • What does Denny Matthews smell like? I’m betting old spice.
  • Better job, yours or Tim Scott’s? Worse job, yours or Tim’s?
  • How drunk was Paul Rudd? Did his tongue in your ear hurt?
  • What color cumber bunt goes with a pink dress?
  • You know nobody watches the West Coast games, right?
  • Are you regretting opening up questions to twitter?
  • How about now?
  • What does HTML stand for?
  • How do you cure Herpes? #ForAFriend
  • Where’s the best tranny’s in San Diego? #ForAFriend#NotRyan
  • Does Billy Butler sweat while going up stairs?
  • Will you sign my yearbook?
  • Are all TV guys giant douchebags?
  • Can I borrow $5?
  • From @ufc4: How much wood woulda woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  • Can SuperFan Chris sleep in your car?
  • What would you do about the water levy situation?
  • Have you ever had CarSoup? It tastes like shit.
  • It burns when I pee, that’s normal, right?
  • How did you celebrate #CanadaDay?

Well, apparently, Joel DID take questions on the broadcast Tuesday, but failed to answer ANY of our questions. C’mon Joel. Inquiring minds want to know!!


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  2. Ed Weissenbach

    Chris you are a funny and clever guy!

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