Sports Radio

My Radio Station – Your Sports Station – Our City Radio

So, I have eluded to this a few times on social networking, but wanted to make it official. I’m getting into the radio business! The project is an all Kansas City Sports Station through a service called Our City Radio…. (READ MORE)

The Mount Rushmore of Kansas City Play-By-Plays

So, I’ve been toying with this idea of trying to figure out the Mount Rushmore (Top 4) of Play-By-Play (or Broadcaster Clips) for Kansas City Sports History. Kansas City has had some outstanding broadcasters pass through town.  Monty Moore called… (READ MORE)

Unwritten Rules

Sports is full of unwritten rules… You don’t bunt late in the game to break up a no-hitter. You don’t run up the score or you pull your starters if you’re up big late. You kick the ball out of… (READ MORE)

Funny 102.5 is now 102.5 The Fan – Kansas City’s THIRD Sports Talk Station

Kansas City woke up this morning a little less funny and a little more sporty.  This morning at midnight, Funny 102.5 went silent and Kansas City’s third sports talk station began. 102.5 The Fan is the original name of KC’s… (READ MORE)

Missouri Comets Media Night Recap

INDEPENDENCE, MO — I was asked to participate in the Missouri Comets Media Night soccer game at halftime of their match between the Comets and the Syracuse Silver Knights.  The Comets won 17-9. But clearly the highlight of the night… (READ MORE)

Post Season Honors – Royals MVP Announced – 610’s Robert Ford

DATELINE – KANSAS CITY While the 2012 baseball season wasn’t what most of us Royals fans were expecting, there’s still cause for celebration. There were plenty of bright spots. For instance, defense was much improved from 2011 to 2012 as… (READ MORE)

Is Tweet Comparing Olympian to Lawn Furniture Over The Line?

There’s been a lot of heated discussion about a number of elements of the Olympics over the past week, from the coverage by NBC to the goofy questions by Andrea Kremer to how London is doing hosting – with this… (READ MORE)

Get Your Hands on the WHB All-Star Program

I’ll be the first to admit that I take a hard stance at my favorite Sports Talk radio station, but with that comes the responsibility to tell you when they’ve done something awesome. I got a chance last night to… (READ MORE)

On Chicken Nuggets… And Selling Out

Entertainment is about one thing. Money. Oh, sure. It’s about art and drama and comedy and evoking emotion and love and war and peace and sex and glamor.  But it’s about money. The root of making money with entertainment is… (READ MORE)

Jay Binkley’s “Big Show” is a Big Step Up

Kansas Citians know two things… barbecue and sports. And with that, they love their sports radio. One of the most aggressive sports talk markets in the country, Kansas Citians have developed a passion for the hosts who talk about their… (READ MORE)