Why Do We Do This To Ourselves?

Being in relationships are challenging. Being in relationships are stressful. But do they have to be? Do you have to go to bed angry? Do you have to wake up thinking of the disappointment you’re likely to feel later in… (READ MORE)

How to Fix the Royals Broadcasting Mess

There’s an old saying, that “a dog who lives in a small backyard will continually be stepping in his own shit.” Actually, I’m lying. There’s no such saying. But there should be. And it’s possible that could be a Rexism… (READ MORE)

A Foul Ball Changed My Mind… On Rex

Everbody’s got a crazy fucked up Uncle that likes to do the “pull my finger” bit, right? Meet Rex Hudler.  He’s your crazy Uncle. Rex is insane. He’s zany. He suffers from diarrhea of the mouth. He says some fucked… (READ MORE)

An Open Letter to Metro Sports

Look, I don’t know what it’s like to work for a television station. That much we know. But it really looks like y’all really mailed it in last night during your “Royals Preview” show. I understand that covering Spring Training… (READ MORE)

Fake Ned Minute #21 – We Need Baseball

The start of Spring Training also means the start of the baseball cliche. Just listen to the attached Fake Ned Minute “one minute at a time” or listen to it “in the best shape of your life.” Regardless, baseball is… (READ MORE)

How To Kill Jim Rome

It’s no secret that 610 Sports is looking for a way to get ahead of Sports Radio 810.  610 has one key advantage coming up, they are the Flagship of the Royals Radio Network and carry all the games. Last… (READ MORE)

Fake Ned Minute #19 – This is Our Time

The Royals unveiled their slogan for the 2012 season, “Our Time.” Which can obviously, only mean some sort of teleportation device to an alternate universe, right?    

Fake Ned Minute #18 – Joke of the Day

The Bruce Chen Joke of the Day was announced to be taking fan submissions this year. Here are a couple I have sent over to One Royal Way.  

Rejected Royals Slogans

The Kansas City Royals announced their 2012 Team Slogan “Our Time” in a recent press conference. As Rustin Dodd wrote in his article, the slogan was simpler and not in any way related to the Goonies. Which made me wonder…… (READ MORE)

Danny Parkins Interview – 2011-12-03

Danny Parkins from 610 Sports is the mid-day host and he was kind enough to sit down with the Rambling Morons to talk all kinds of topics. We talked about the #RadioWars, Kansas City BBQ, Chicago, the Radio Business and… (READ MORE)