Jason Sudeikis Nearly Ejected From Royals / Cardinals?

Every year, the Royals host several famous Kansas City comedians back from Hollywood to make with the funny and raise some money for charity. (Poetry unintended.) One of those is Mr. Olivia Wilde, aka Jason Sudeikis. Sudeiekis, along with Paul… (READ MORE)

Internet White Noise – Reprinted from the Platte County Landmark

I contribute a weekly column to the Platte County Landmark under the “Rambling Moron” name. It’s a great Northland Newspaper and well worth a subscription. The following is an copy of my article which appeared in the 6/8/12 edition –… (READ MORE)

Crap To Do During All-Star Week

All-Star Week is only a couple of weeks away.  You can see where most of the highways have been repaved and I saw a guy picking up cigarette butts downtown today. Looks like the City is getting ready to host… (READ MORE)

Spend All-Star Sunday at the Negro Leagues Museum – With US!

Between the 5K run, the Parade and the Events at the K, you’ve likely already started planning on attending something to do with All-Star Game Week, or maybe you’ve just planned to stay home and lock yourself in your home… (READ MORE)

Danny Duffy Returns…

Only 2 weeks removed from his controversial self-ejection from Twitter, Danny Duffy has returned. Sunday evening, Duffy reactivated his account with a layered subtweet: “Turn Setbacks into Comebacks.” Royals fans cheered the return as he received dozens of “Welcome Back!”… (READ MORE)

Danny Duffy Quits Twitter

This is a story about Twitter; Baseball and Athletes; Trolling and Trolls; and Children and Childishness. But mostly it’s about Twitter. As has been documented by the Kansas City Royals, Danny Duffy, injured starting pitcher for the Royals deactivated his… (READ MORE)

Jake Odorizzi’s Moment

A talented baseball player has many moments that he’ll remember his whole life.  There’s the moment he’s drafted.  For Jake Odorizzi, 22, that moment was in 2008 when he was drafted 32nd overall by the Milwaukee Brewers. Dozens of other… (READ MORE)

A Contrite Mike Shildt Gives His Side of the Story

Springfield Cardinals Manager Mike Shildt contacted me Saturday afternoon and we met for a very somber talk at Arvest Ballpark about his actions during an ejection Friday night where a helmet he tossed hit an umpire. Shildt was extremely contrite… (READ MORE)

An “Oh Shildt” Moment by Springfield Cardinals Manager – Mike Shildt

UPDATE: SEE UPDATE FOR ADDITIONAL CONTEXT ON INCIDENT. How many times have you seen it. The story is nearly as old as baseball itself. A team gets no-hit on the road, then comes back the next night and the manager… (READ MORE)

ESPN 1510 – Here We Come

—–NEWS RELEASE—– Kansas City Baseball Historical Society & Royalman Report Announce New Radio Show Date: May 1, 2012 Contact: Jeff Logan 913-961-0929 From the Kansas City Baseball Historical Society and the minds behind The Royalman Report Podcast, we are excited… (READ MORE)