Going to need a favor from you guys on this one… My family has been beyond blessed when it comes to baseball. I was at Game 7 of the 1985 World Series. I met my wife and decided to marry… (READ MORE)

Forcing Tradition

There is a great debate brewing amongst Royals fans about the Garth Brooks song “Friends in Low Places” that’s used in the sixth inning of home Royals games.  There is a growing sentiment that the song should go away.  The… (READ MORE)

Could We Be Looking at a Future Without The Royals?

What if we woke up tomorrow and there was no Kansas City Royals franchise?  No Billy Butler. No Rex Hudler.  No 5, 10, 20 on the Hall of Fame wall in Left Field of Kauffman Stadium.  Radio shows talk wistfully… (READ MORE)

One Fan Is Out… How Many More To Follow? (Guest Post)

Wow. The Royals. What a disaster. It’s unclear if even today’s news of them hiring Hall of Famer George Brett as the new hitting coach can help things. One thing is certain, Brad Brickell has had it. He’s seen enough… (READ MORE)

National Bitch and Moan Day… (a.k.a. Put That In Your Pipe and Smoke It)

Friday April 26 was an anniversary that had little fanfare for the Kansas City Royals. Oh sure, MLB celebrates Jackie Robinson Day by all players wearing the number “42”, they celebrate Memorial Day by wearing flags woven into their logos,… (READ MORE)

Thoughts on Fred White…

As you have heard by now, Royals Broadcaster Fred White passed away Wednesday. I join with all Royals fans in wishing condolences to his family. On yesterday’s Ballgame radio show, I got the chance to talk with both Greg Pryor… (READ MORE)

Dress to the Nines

I am a sucker for good ideas. And we have  a lot of good ideas. Sliced bread. iPhones. Pornography.  All great ideas that have had their moment in the sun.  But those ideas do tend to get sucked down by… (READ MORE)

God Hates KC

There’s a tongue in cheek saying you’ll find on message boards and twitter surrounding the Kansas City Royals. It’s “God Hates KC.” The idea is that God has something to do with the miserable, decades-long run of futility by the… (READ MORE)

Royals Rain Check Soaks Fans

Our friends at the Royals Ticketing Office are at it again. We’ve told you about this group’s attempts to outright fleece money from fans using questionable tactics, telemarketing and bait and switching – but now they’re resorting to just shaking… (READ MORE)

Fenway At The K

We’re all heartbroken. Kansas City. Boston. America. Baseball, rightfully so, is taking a backseat as tanks roll down city streets in Boston. It dawned on me a couple of inevitable things may be coming down the way soon. Our Royals… (READ MORE)