Fake Ned Minute – September 18, 2011

Starting (as in, this is my first and possibly will be more) a weekly segment as an homage to Jack’s Smack called the “Fake Ned Minute” for Troy’s Royalman Report every Sunday night. I will post the text of these… (READ MORE)

An Open Letter to Anyone Not Named Mike McCartney

(Editor’s Note: If your name is Mike McCartney, stop reading now. I mean it. Stop.) Billy Crystal once famously told a story about his first trip to Yankees Stadium and when he first heard legendary PA Announcer Bob Sheppard and… (READ MORE)

#CountryBreakfast interviewed about… #CountryBreakfast

From Royals Radio 8/4/2011 – All rights reserved by Royals Radio Network. Billy Butler Royals Pregame Country Breakfast Remember that #CountryBreakfast shirts are on sale. Click HERE for information on where to buy!! Proceeds from these shirts go to Billy’s… (READ MORE)

On Country Breakfast and Streetball…

Because historians will look on this weekend as the days the Royals’ fortune changed, I feel compelled to document what exactly happened in Boston and carried into Cleveland. It started, as most Royals stories do, with a fuckup. It was… (READ MORE)

The Perfect Day…

Blog post that was written 4 years ago July 25, 2007, then lost… then found… CHAPTER 1 We were so excited to see the fireworks. Every Friday, the Royals shoot fireworks off after their games. I had finally, after many… (READ MORE)

The Kyle Davies Drinking Game #DaviesDrinkingGame

According to Danny Parkins, here is the Kyle Davies Drinking Game for his start on July 25, 2011: Step 1 – Get a Designated Driver if you’re drinking alcohol. Kyle Davies is statistically the worst starting pitcher in the history… (READ MORE)

KC All-Star Game Suggestions

As we mentioned in the previous post, we’re compiling a list of the best ideas on what to do to make the KC All-Star Game in 2012 more unique and amazing as well as spotlight Kansas City for all the… (READ MORE)

If the KC All-Star Game sucks, it’s our own fault

Kansas City’s psyche has been a big topic of conversation on the airwaves the past week. I started a conversation with @KC_SportsRadio tonight on twitter when he blasted out the following: @KC_SportsRadio: “I cringe at the thought of KC hosting… (READ MORE)


We’ve reached that point in nearly every Royals season in the past 15 years where it’s over. It seems like it came later this year than in years past, but it really hasn’t. It seems like we were in it… (READ MORE)

Inquiring Minds… The Twitter Bomb of Joel Goldberg

Joel Goldberg, the sideline reporter for the Kansas City Royals, has provided the Royals fanbase a wealth of entertaining moments through the years. These moments have both been intentional and unintentional. But if you’re a Royals fan, reading his daily… (READ MORE)