Rambling Morons – S01E03 – Danny Parkins & Facebook Theater

Third time’s a charm? Sounds like bullshit. But here we are. Episode 3. Episode 3 served as a longer episode than anticipated, but we had a lot of fun, and I drank a lot of beer. For some reason, we… (READ MORE)

Rambling Morons – S01E02 – Moose Knuckle

Nope. You couldn’t get rid of us that easily. We’re back for Episode 2. Episode 2 of the Rambling Morons Cavalcade of stars changed locations to our super secret new studio deep inside Fake Ned’s Man Cave. As you will… (READ MORE)

The Moose Knuckle Hunt

No matter what it’s called, the Moose Knuckle can leave a person different after you cross paths with her. This, is a story of attraction, climax and loss. This… is the story of the Moose Knuckle Hunt.

Scott Shaffer Interview – 11/6/11

The first Rambling Morons podcast, our first guest (Our Bill Murray, if you will) was Scott Shaffer, @IrrelevantScott on Twitter. Who is an up and coming KC-based comedian. He’s got a, *Ahem* unique sense of humor. Enjoy the interview! Thanks… (READ MORE)

Isaac James Band – Acoustic Performance

We were joined on Sunday by Gil Cole and Blackie one half of the Isaac James Band. They performed two awesome songs in studio. You can purchase their album “Shut Up and Listen” at their website and from Amazon. Thanks… (READ MORE)

Rambling Morons – S01E01 – “All Good Things…” Show Page

Welcome to our very first Rambling Morons Cavalcade of Stars Podcast What an amazing first show. Thanks to all our co-hosts and guests. If you didn’t catch the live show, you can catch up with us via two other avenues:… (READ MORE)