Show 006 – An Hour of Baseball Talk… Mostly…

Our original guest was unable to make it, so we talked baseball for an hour on The Ballgame, just Chris Kamler and Jeff Logan. Well, we mostly talked baseball. We also talked a little Big 12 Basketball for some reason, and then, somehow mixed in the phrase “shucky ducky quack quack” into the conversation. All […]

Show 005 – Pete LaCock and Zinger Bats

Spring training is almost upon us and we started our first live show of February talking with Scott Hanish and Jason Jarvis of Zinger Bats. Zinger is an Arizona-based bat company that supplies a number of Major Leaguer’s and they’ve just sent out their supply of bats to Spring Training. Scott and Jason talked with […]

Show 004 – George Brett

Our fourth episode is dedicated to Number 5. The greatest Royal. George Brett. Brett spent an evening with our Title Sponsor, the Kansas City Baseball Historical Society this month and talked about his entire career. Brett talked about growing up in California, idolizing his brothers. He talked about his greatest moments through the great Royals […]

Join The Ballgame for “Major League” February 10 at 4.

What a great year of baseball we’ve got ahead of us, and The Ballgame wants to kick it off in style. So, the day before Spring Training starts, we’re going to start the season off by having a private showing of the 1989 Classic ‘Major League’ for all the great listeners of The Ballgame. The […]

Interview – Jim Evans

During our third episode of the ballgame, we had on 28 year MLB Umpire Jim Evans. Jim talked about the passing of Earl Weaver and the contentious relationship he had with umpires. Jim is the owner and operator of the Academy of Professional Umpiring and talked with us about arguments with Earl and how he […]

Rambling Morons Podcast, Season 2 Episode 2 – Olympics Wrap-Up

The Morons met once again this week to recap the 2012 London Olympics, who was getting laid and who was making inappropriate images. Catch the YouTube version below, and subscribe to our iTunes feed for the audio version of the… (READ MORE)

Rambling Morons Podcast – Season 2, Episode 1 – Jeremy Smith

After a brief time out, the Morons are back with a bigger and better Second season. Tonight’s guest was Comedian Jeremy Smith talking about his road as a new comedian and his style of writing. We also touched on the… (READ MORE)

Spend All-Star Sunday at the Negro Leagues Museum – With US!

Between the 5K run, the Parade and the Events at the K, you’ve likely already started planning on attending something to do with All-Star Game Week, or maybe you’ve just planned to stay home and lock yourself in your home… (READ MORE)

Housekeeping… KC Command, The Podcast and… Something Big…

This seems as good of a forum as any to get the word out on a couple of projects (since it is my blog, duh) and tease something big to come. I’m going to put the Rambling Morons podcast on… (READ MORE)

Rambling Morons Podcast 14 – Tom Farnan, Clay Hughes and #CheetoInABra

I have a weird hobby. One minute, you’re talking with accomplished comedian Tom Farnan. The next minute, you’re talking with the Best Musician in Kansas City according to The Pitch, Clay Hughes. The next minute you’re wearing a bra and broadcasting it… (READ MORE)