#RadioWars Update – They’re All Sellouts

It’s time for an update on the 810/610 Radio Wars. The last month has been a particularly active one in the war for the Kansas City Sports Talk listener as we’ve had a head coach fired, bugged conference rooms, two… (READ MORE)

Rambling Morons – S01E05 – You Suck…

Episode 4 will be Sunday and we’ve got one of the biggest names yet on the show. How about Chris Merrill!!! What?? You don’t know who he is??  Oh. Crap. That’s probably because he sucks. He told us as much… (READ MORE)

Danny Parkins Interview – 2011-12-03

Danny Parkins from 610 Sports is the mid-day host and he was kind enough to sit down with the Rambling Morons to talk all kinds of topics. We talked about the #RadioWars, Kansas City BBQ, Chicago, the Radio Business and… (READ MORE)

An Open Letter to Ryan Lefebvre

Don’t leave. Yeah, I know that’s a bit ironic coming from someone who has been critical of you in the past. But I think you’re man enough to let that roll off your back. And I’m going to try to… (READ MORE)

An Open Letter to Danny Parkins…

You, my friend, are a puzzle. Here you are. Clearly a fish out of water. Clearly with some talent and clearly with some modest success. But there’s still something wrong. Still something missing. Is it the fact that you’re seven… (READ MORE)

The Nuke…

Some quick back-story on this “Nuke.” Nick Wright, host of What’s Right With Nick Wright on 610 has covered a couple of stories recently outlining his opinion of “cheapness” of the Kansas City Chiefs. He covered a story about layoffs… (READ MORE)

The Elephant In The Room

The recent ratings victory by both 610 Sports Radio as well as their afternoon host, Nick Wright has possibly signalled a seismic shift in Sports Talk in Kansas City. Some of the reasons listeners are turning off Kevin Kietzman’s Between… (READ MORE)

Grading the KC Sports Media On Twitter

Twitter has become the place to share and generate information for fans. It’s also a great way to share a live event such as a Royals or Chiefs game. The Kansas City Sports Media has a good start in the… (READ MORE)

KC Sports Radio… One Month Later…

It started… as more than a few decisions in my life have started… with a few too many drinks… It was one month ago today when, I felt, Kansas City Sports Radio had hit rock bottom.  It had been a… (READ MORE)

Inquiring Minds… The Twitter Bomb of Joel Goldberg

Joel Goldberg, the sideline reporter for the Kansas City Royals, has provided the Royals fanbase a wealth of entertaining moments through the years. These moments have both been intentional and unintentional. But if you’re a Royals fan, reading his daily… (READ MORE)