On 42


As I write this on the morning of my 43rd birthday, my right foot hurts as does my left arm. Mostly due to the 90 minutes of batting practice I threw my son yesterday, but also because of the inevitable… (READ MORE)

Moment of Silence – My Surfing Accident (Full)

2012-09-14 22.41.39

Editor’s Note: While I was vacationing two years ago over the September 14th, 2012 weekend, I had a surfing accident. The incident changed my life, possibly forever. Three weeks following the accident I decided to write about the accident and… (READ MORE)

The Fallen Star

Disclaimer: I write for a newspaper. It is the Platte County Landmark. It is a relatively small, locally owned newspaper that is a fun read. My opinions in this column are my own and do not represent the views of… (READ MORE)

And In The End…

“And in the end / The love you take / Is equal to the love you make.” –The Beatles This is the last day for the Fake Ned Twitter account. The account has been converted over to @ChrisKamler, my real… (READ MORE)

A Funny Thing Happned On The Way To The Arch…

Every year, my son and I pick one weekend to go on a “Man-cation” with the added benefit of leaving my wife alone for a weekend that she doesn’t have to cook and clean and do all of the other… (READ MORE)

Party Like It’s 1949, Iran

Reprinted from the Rambling Moron Column at the Platte County Landmark. HEY IRAN, PARTY LIKE IT’S 1949  Posted 2/2/13 It was announced this week that Iran has sent its first monkey into space. The Iranian Ministry of Defense announced that a small… (READ MORE)

List of Ten Top Ten Lists of 2012

Being a blogger or reporter is hard. Sometimes you look to the end of the year with a desire to check out, turn off your phone and just relax the typing fingers. Thus was invented the Year-End Top Ten list…. (READ MORE)

It’s Time…

I contribute a weekly column to the Platte County Landmark under the “Rambling Moron” name. It’s a great Northland Newspaper and well worth a subscription. The following is an copy of my article which appeared in the 11/16/12 edition – printed with permission…. (READ MORE)

One Year Ago Tonight…


It was one year ago tonight that I sat at this same couch and typed on this same laptop and wrote An Open Letter To Kevin Kietzman.  What was to follow was unanticipated, unexpected and incredible. The letter remains the… (READ MORE)

Douchebag of the Week Award Winner Is… @jayhawkerz1

Let me first off say this is not an MU/KU thing. So stop it. Some folks on twitter notified me of this wonderful little exchange between Royals pitcher, Danny Duffy and @jayhawkerz1. Let’s first off mention that Danny Duffy has… (READ MORE)