Fake Ned Minute

Taking My Talents to KCPN

Through this pandemic, my creative juices have been flowing. Well, let’s just say juices have been flowing and I’ve been making things. I’ve put out a few Fake Ned Minutes over the last few months and have finally found a… (READ MORE)

Fake Ned Minute – Self-Quarantine

Thought I had the ‘Rona last week, so did me some self-quarantining. Here are some tips I learned. Real tips. Just the tips.

Fake Ned Minute #22 – That Summer Wind…

Spring Training is finally here!! You know that the summer wind brings those great baseball slogans. Enjoy our latest Fake Ned Minute with a special review of this week’s interview with Nick Wright. All can be found at ramblingmorons.com

Fake Ned Minute #21 – We Need Baseball

The start of Spring Training also means the start of the baseball cliche. Just listen to the attached Fake Ned Minute “one minute at a time” or listen to it “in the best shape of your life.” Regardless, baseball is… (READ MORE)

Fake Ned Minute #19 – This is Our Time

The Royals unveiled their slogan for the 2012 season, “Our Time.” Which can obviously, only mean some sort of teleportation device to an alternate universe, right?    

Fake Ned Minute #18 – Joke of the Day

The Bruce Chen Joke of the Day was announced to be taking fan submissions this year. Here are a couple I have sent over to One Royal Way.  

Fake Ned Minute #17 – Damn Good Times

With the Chiefs WAY out of the playoffs and the Royals still 10 weeks away from sniffing anything real, what’s there left to do? That’s right, beat the CRAP out of your college rivals…

Fake Ned Minute #16 – Back… From the Future

After a brief review of last week’s Ramblng Morons Podcast (Sundays at RamblingMorons.com) we talk about the FUTURE. Thanks to the gift of TIME TRAVEL, I give away all the secrets that happen in 2012. ¬†Except for what Chris Berman… (READ MORE)